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Ubuntu Linux 10.04 on the laptop: Install

I am going to tell you in this article how to install Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" on a laptop. The article is the first in a three-part series on Ubuntu Linux for laptops; the article series is aimed primarily at newbies who want to switch to Ubuntu. It describes how to install Ubuntu on my laptop and the improvements I made after installing it.

Please note that you are making backups of your data. Otherwise there is always a residual risk of losing data. Unfortunately, I cannot take any responsibility for this.

1. Download and burn Ubuntu Linux

In order to install Ubuntu on your laptop, you must first download and burn it; just follow the link to the Ubuntu download page and then burn it to a blank CD.

2. Start Ubuntu Linux on your laptop

Put the freshly burned CD with Ubuntu in the CD-ROM drive of your laptop and restart the laptop. Your laptop should now boot into Ubuntu; if this is not the case, you will probably have to adjust the boot order of the drives in your laptop's BIOS. Be patient during the boot process, it will take a few minutes for Ubuntu to boot from CD.

3. Set the language for Ubuntu

Select "German" as the language for Ubuntu, then click on "Install Ubuntu".

4. Choose your location

You probably don't need to adjust anything here - unless you are traveling outside of Germany with your laptop.

5. Select the key assignment

Here it is best to select "Choose yourself", then "Germany" and "Deactivate accent keys". In the field at the bottom left you can test whether the settings are right for you.

6. Set the hard disk usage

That's the hardest part! If you have installed an operating system other than Ubuntu and want to use it, you should leave "Install side by side and choose between these each time you start" selected. If you only want to use Ubuntu Linux on your laptop, you can take the second option; for the 3rd option you should already be a little familiar with Linux or at least get more information.

7. Enter your name and password

Simply enter the name and password for your Ubuntu installation. Then you still have to determine whether you want to be logged in automatically - with a laptop it can of course make sense to log in with a password every time: This is your decision!

8. Start installation

Now press "Install" and off you go; you can have a coffee and watch the messages about Ubuntu and some Linux programs: Geek TV on your laptop.

9. Restart your Ubuntu system

After the installation of your Ubuntu system is complete, simply click on "Restart Now" and remove the CD from the drive. After restarting your Ubuntu Linux shines on your laptop screen.

10. Establish a WLAN connection.

After the reboot you click first on the top right on the WLAN symbol, select your network and enter your network data; then you enter your password for the key ring twice - please use the same password as in point 7. If you do not have WLAN, you should now plug your LAN cable into the laptop.

11. Install German language support

After that you click in the window "Incomplete language support" on "Perform this action now". In the next window click on "Update" and, after a short download, on "Install"; Now close the window and you have a brand new Ubuntu Linux installed on your laptop.

In the next article "Ubuntu Linux 10.04 on the laptop: Optimizing" I'll show you: What else you should set, automate and install - so that you can be even more productive with Ubuntu on your laptop.