How can we use PLCs in agriculture?

Commercial vehicles, also known as commercial vehicles, have a specific use due to their special design and equipment. This consists of transporting people or goods as well as pulling heavier loads such as trailers. They are used in various areas, but for the most part in the administrative and commercial sector, as well as in agriculture.

The vehicles used by the authorities include, for example, fire engines or emergency vehicles. Craftsmen and mail deliverers use utility vehicles to ship their goods, while in agriculture they are used to transport food or farm animals. Important key figures for commercial vehicles are weight, payload the permitted trailer load. The various vehicles can be roughly categorized on the basis of these factors. If a commercial vehicle has more than 8 seats or weighs more than 3.5 tons, a special driver's license is required for driving.

The possible uses of commercial vehicles are wide-ranging and encompass various sectors. Passenger transport and freight transport belong to the two larger main categories into which commercial vehicles can be divided. Other categories are vehicles with bodies and special vehicles.

Commercial vehicles categories


In the case of attachments and superstructures, our CAN controls are used for communication with the basic vehicle. Data that the vehicle transmits via J1939, such as speed or temperatures, can thus be made available to the body builder.

Passenger transport

In all types of buses, such as omnibuses, minibuses and articulated buses, the safety of the passengers comes first. Our controls make a major contribution by controlling the door lock or mirror control.

Cargo transportation

When transporting loads, the focus is on the transport of goods. Thanks to the fully automatic control of panels on wing doors, the aerodynamic properties and fuel consumption can be significantly improved with our MRS modules.

Commercial vehicles application areas

The following illustration gives you an insight into the extensive and different areas of application that you can control with the help of our MRS products.