How long is a moment

Question: "How long does a moment last?"

You probably know that: "Honey, wait a moment, I'll be right there ...!" - or something like that. How long such “a moment” can last is always astonishing. But this is not only the case in a relationship between two people, currently also in my relationship with my "on-the-go lapi", an Acer Aspire V5. Yesterday he wanted to (finally) update to the 1607 version of Windows 10. The version has been running on my “office lapi” from HP for some time. Problem-free. "OK" I think to myself, "Do it". When I got home that evening, the ad was 91%. "Great!" At some point I went to bed - and this morning, almost 24 hours later, it was no different. Not today at noon either.

"And now?" A Google search told me that I was / am not alone with this problem. So I turned off my Acer. Break. After switching it on, it at least restored the previous 1511 version. Then I started the update manually and now, 6 hours later, the display is at 86%. And stands, and stands.

I'm waiting. I am also waiting for an update of the SpardaSecureApp. As a customer of Sparda-Bank, I had to find out that the paper TAN procedure will be discontinued. The alternatives are TAN via SMS, the same costs, I don't want to, or a TAN generator, which also costs. I do not want that either. "Lower!" Knowing this, I had already swapped my old “emergency cell phone” for a simple “no name” smartphone with Android 5.0.2 as the OS in the summer. The SecureApp is of course not available for my WinPhone. WinPhones are dying out ... nothing is invested anymore. It's just stupid that the SecureApp doesn't work with every smartphone, I should wait for the update. Well, I'll be waiting then "one moment" ….

Oops, "schnapps number" No. 444 ^. ^

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