Girls like to lick boys' nipples

Nipple orgasm: myth or rigid climax?

Nipple orgasm: does it even exist? The answer is yes! Depending on which study you believe, women in particular state that they have already orgasm just by stimulating their nipples. The information varies from 15% to 29% of the respondents. Many men also find playing with their nipples stimulating, but there are no specific figures here for an orgasm through pure nipple stimulation. In the following, you will learn how to properly stimulate the sensitive nipples for an orgasm.

The prelude to the Nipplegasm

Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, the nipples are extremely erogenous zones in both sexes. Not only cold, but also excitement leads to what is known as a nipple erection. That means the sensitive buds become hard, become more sensitive and stand up - the perfect starting position to play with them.

When playing nipples, it is best to start slowly in order to build up the erotic tension in the body - an extended foreplay is therefore an ideal start. Caress each other's entire body with your fingertips or wander over the skin with fluttering tongue movements. Do not leave out any sensitive area, such as the inner thighs, stomach, neck and lips. Gentle touches and kisses increase the arousal, so that the nipples slowly stand up and become hard. The right time to now devote yourself to the love buds.

tip: If you don't know whether or how your counterpart thinks playing with the nipples, the best thing to do is to ask. Let us show you how the other would like to be pampered on their nipples. This prevents misunderstandings and you can be sure that your partner likes the stimulation on the nipples.

Step by step instructions for nipple orgasm

If the nipples are stiff and your partner is aroused, you can now start stimulating the love buds. Important: take your time and proceed cautiously. Notice how your partner reacts to the stimulation of the nipples.

  1. I hug you: First gently caress the nipple and use your fingers to circle the atrium. Slowly draw the circles smaller and then take the buds between your fingers. Begin gently squeezing and rolling the nipples.
  2. lick me: In the next step you can pamper the nipples with your tongue. Again, you can go around the warts with circular movements, lick them and then lightly breathe on the nipples. The damp skin and the cool breeze have a wonderfully tingling effect.
  3. Suck and nibble: Take the nipples between your lips and suck on them. Alternately, you can also nibble gently on it. Pay particular attention to each other's reactions here. Nibbling too hard could make you feel uncomfortable. Suck the nipple and play with your tongue inside the mouth. Light fluttering and circular movements are best.
  4. To provide variety: To prevent the stimulation from becoming too monotonous, alternate between steps 1, 2 and 3 more frequently. Vary the speed and intensity of sucking, pressing and licking.
  5. Excursion to other hotspots: As a further change, you can always stimulate other pleasure points in between and combine them with stimulation of the nipples. Pamper the other person orally, vaginally or anally with your fingers while you play with their nipples.

Did you know already?: It is believed that nipple orgasms are due to the hormones oxytocin and prolactin. Oxytocin affects vaginal contractions as well as genital blood flow. Usually this is accompanied by increased sexual desire and a nipple erection, both of which lead to an increased sensitivity to touch of the nipples.

If you and your partner enjoy playing with the nipples, then we have a few extra tips for you in the next section on how you can take the nipple adventure to the extreme.

The crowning kick for the nipplegasm

Would like more? Take one Ice cubes and first drive it over the chest or work your way slowly from the belly button to the love buds. Circle the nipples with the cool water, the tingling experience is not only beautiful, but also makes the nipples even stiffer.

Gladly blindfold your partner during foreplay. Without the ability to see, the sense of touch increases and the erotic tension becomes more intense, which favors a nipple orgasm. You can intensify the game with a few shackles.

Heating up the bedroom or stimulating the nipples with warm water also favors nipple gas. Heat increases blood flow and makes the sensitive buds even more receptive to stimulation. Combines nipple stimulation with stimulation of the clitoris. The intensive connection of the two pleasure points increases the chance of a nipple orgasm immensely.

Plump nipples, hot toys

Dribble with the nipples

The double pack likes light touches. If you want it a little more stormy, experiment with adjustable nipple clamps. Roll your stiff nipples to stimulate the pinching stimuli of the clamp during offensive play with your partner.

Hot feelings!

Massage the partner's breasts and especially the nipples with a warming massage oil. This promotes blood flow to the buds and stimulates the ability to orgasm. Most warming oils are also kissable -
perfect if you want to caress the nipples orally.

Sucking effect for hard nipples

The blood circulation is stimulated by the nipple suckers, so that the hotspots react even more sensitively to touch. The size and hardness of the nipples also increase. It is best to use the suckers shortly before sex and then enjoy the intense emotional moments together with your partner.