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Carrier pigeon

This painting is around 150 years old. It shows a young woman reading a message from a carrier pigeon.
During the First World War, carrier pigeons were also used for aerial photographs. They wanted to find out more about the opponents. The camera's shutter was set to automatically snap photos during the flight.

A carrier pigeon is a pigeon that delivers news. The message is usually on a small piece of paper that is tied to the pigeon's foot. Or you put the note in a small sleeve that the carrier pigeon carries on one leg. The carrier pigeon is still regarded today as the symbol of the post office and therefore adorns postage stamps in many countries.

Pigeons can easily find the place where they are at home. You first bring a carrier pigeon to where you want to send the message. Then you let them fly home. The recipient who is to receive the message is waiting for you there.

Until the time after 1800 people liked to use carrier pigeons so that they could tell someone something important who was far away. This has been out of date since the invention of the telegraph. Carrier pigeons were only used in World War I and II. This old-fashioned way was chosen because enemy soldiers could not listen to these messages like radio messages.

Even today, many people train pigeons to deliver messages. They do this because they enjoy it, i.e. as a hobby, and because it allows them to take part in competitions. In these competitions, the pigeon that reaches its home fastest with the news wins. Money bets are also made on this.

  • This carrier pigeon has a small letter on its neck.

  • In truth, the message is in a tiny capsule on the foot.

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