How do I propose to my friend 1

How often do you see your partner?

We always see each other from Friday afternoon to Monday morning, and also one day during the week, usually on Wednesdays.
We are constantly asked whether we already live together and he answers the question with a grin with a "Fast".

Sometimes when there is a lot going on, we only see each other on weekends. Everyone does what he likes or what needs to be done. If he then just maintains the apartment, plays his only computer game or just messes on the couch, that's just normal, that's his apartment and his time In return, he misses me a little more than usual, so that also has advantages. To see each other every day if you don't live together would be too much for me, to be honest

And no, just because you don't see each other doesn't automatically mean that you don't want to spend time together. If it is not enough for you, you have to say it.
For example, we never spoke on the phone until I told him. Then there was only a "I thought because nobody had suggested phone calls and it worked well without it so far, I didn't want to change anything" - a typical problem -> solution setting And then, as a decision, the sentence "If you want, we can make a phone call". Very easily.

Just tell him if you want to see him more often. I strongly assume that if you want him to, it will be what you want. Otherwise leave it as it is and don't worry too much