What defines mature love

Conscious love and emotional maturity

Last update: 07 June, 2016

We hear all the time about so-called romantic love.We read of her in dozens of books, we see her in a myriad of films and TV series, and even in fashion and advertising.

So is romantic love some kind of hoax? Maybe not quite, but maybe a little. Regardless of this, we can do it define it as unconscious love, assumed that in some ways it is nothing more than an idealization of loving relationships. But then, when we create a very intense bond and mutual dependency, it rarely ends well.

It is not good to idealize love, nor to fantasize about what our ideal partner should be. We will probably never find him if we live with this ideal. One says, that“True love does not come to you from now on, but is part of ourselves.”

This means, the perfect relationship has to be developed consciously, with effort, dedication, and emotional maturity.

Conscious love does not fear loneliness

Let's talk about “conscious” love. In case you've never heard this phrase before, it's worth approaching it through a few brushstrokes that paint a tangible picture of those loving relationships we'd like to describe to you:

  • Couples who love each other in a conscious way do not see themselves as halves that need to unite to become "one person." By no means! They are complete personalities who do not fear loneliness, they are complete personalities who provide their partner with their fullness and emotional maturity making each other happy and growing together.
  • People who have unconscious relationships are usually immature. They are looking for another person to fill their emotional emptiness, to find a balance for their problems, and thereby create a kind of poisoned bond. Therefore do not hesitate to manipulate your partneras they fear to end up in loneliness again, alone with this immaturity that they cannot cope with.
  • However, people who consider themselves complete and are fortunate enough to find a partner with the same emotional maturity are able to create this conscious love, in which everything is normal. There are no demands, no empties to be filled, there is only a mutual trust and understanding within which true love develops day by day. Not an ideal. The authentic love.

How do you create a conscious love relationship?

Is It Possible To Create Loving Attachments That Really Work?But of course! Creating a relationship that is built on conscious love should come first do not start from the need to fill an emotional void, to need the partner.

It's about waiting, being carried on our path, on which we ourselves are most important. Appreciate yourself, enjoy your everyday experiences, learn from them and let yourself be enriched as a person in order to mature internally.Love will come by itself but don't try to look for a person who fits your ideal.

To understand this better, take the following advice to heart:

  1. It is best not to obsessively search for the perfect partner. Start with yourself, do it first of allthe person you really want to be.
  2. Create an emotional balancestrengthen your self-confidence, defend your values.
  3. It is important that youlearn to be aloneto understand that one's society is not harmful or dangerous. Don't force someone to be by your side just because you're scared.
  4. Never lose the illusion or impartialityto start new relationships. Do not fear that you may repeat the same past mistakes. You have learned from them and you know exactly what you need.
  5. We know that in some ways we all have ideals of the perfect partner. Nobody can avoid that. NeverthelessFirst and foremost, be the person you would like to have by your side. In the end, your suitable partner will be reflected in you.
  6. In conclusion, always make one thing aware of:You deserve to be loved Never doubt it.