What is a fallow

Fallow land

Profile ecological priority area

Weighting factorMinimum areaMinimum widthuse
1,0 --- ---No


  • No agricultural production may take place on this area during the entire application year 1)3)
  • However, from August 1st of the year of application, sowing or planting of a subsequent crop (on the fallow land) is permitted that is not harvested before the end of this year 3)
  • Areas that have been fallow for more than five years as areas used in the interests of the environment remain arable land 1)
  • A ban on the application of pesticides has been in effect on these areas since application year 2018. The prohibition period applies in the decommissioning period, i.e. in the application year, starting on 01/01. until December 31, as a rule. In those cases in which a subsequent crop is grown that does not lead to harvest in the current year, a plant protection product may be used in the subsequent crop (in the case of previous EFA fallow, earliest from 08/01) . The use of pesticides is only permitted in these cases. The following crop also includes a plant protection measure, which is necessary in the course of preparing the new crop. The measure must therefore be directly related to the new culture. 4)

Notes on application

  • see code list for the joint application
  • Usage code 590 (fallow land with annual re-sowing of flower mixtures): ÖVF code (FIONA) 09
  • Usage code 591 (arable land withdrawn from production): ÖVF code (FIONA) 09
  • Usage code 049 (unwooded fruit-growing area): ÖVF code (FIONA) 09
  • Usage code 844 (unstocked vineyards): ÖVF code (FIONA) 09
  • Usage code 859 (hops, temporarily shut down): ÖVF code (FIONA) 09
  • Usage code 915 (field margins): ÖVF code (FIONA) 09

additional Information

Legal bases

1) Article 45 (2) of Regulation (EU) No. 639/2014 of March 11, 2014 - to supplement Regulation 1307/2013

2) Article 46 paragraph 2 letter a of Regulation (EU) No. 1307/2013 of December 17, 2013 - with provisions on direct payments

3) Section 25 Direct Payments Implementing Ordinance of 03/11/2014

4) Article 45 paragraph 10b of Regulation (EU) No. 639/2014 or Amendment Regulation (EU) No. 2017/1155 of February 15, 2017


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