Are GUT airsoft guns a good brand

1. How old am I:


2. What is my budget:


3. Can I increase my budget in the foreseeable future:


4. What kind of weapon do I want (assault rifle, sniper rifle, pistol, etc.):

Pistol (long barrel over Schalli), MP7 (see pistol), M4, MK3 HK416.

As compact as possible, yet good range and accuracy (over a longer tuning run, for example).

5. Which model is suitable:

ICS (easy tuning?), Ares (favorite, seems to be easy to maintain E-System, FSW).

6. Which type of drive do I prefer (gas, CO², electricity, spring pressure etc):

To be honest, find GBB more beautiful, but don't know if this type (or which weapon) matches my search criteria ...?

7. How important are the following characteristics to me (1 - less important - 5 very important)?

a) full metal:1
b) Precision:5
c) Range:5
d) Availability of spare parts:4
e) Availability of tuning parts:4
f) Original markings:1
g) Quality of the installed parts:5
h) Accuracy of fit of original or add-on parts:1

8. Which muzzle energy do I want? Minimum and maximum values:

Would like to be able to adjust these without any major detours, otherwise 1 - 1.5 (most playing fields should be covered).

9. What kind of extras (sleeve system, dual power, supplied extras):

Nothing, precision and range are my top priorities.

10. Should my weapon match a representation? If yes, which:

Not relevant.

11. I still have the following questions:

Can the run and the hop-up be easily improved with an Ares and is that enough tuning?

With an ICS, can the run and the hop-up be easily improved, as well as the spring to manipulate the energy?

Am I well served then? To be honest, I don't want to spend 400 € and then hope that the part will last a long time and that I don't have to build in new things.

When I buy a car, I don't change the engine or other parts with aftermarket parts, or when I buy it, I already assume that this will be necessary.

That's one point I don't quite understand about Airsoften ... But well.

What would a good GBB alternative be, actually find GBB nicer.

Hope it's portrayed that well enough! : D