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Finally be happy: You should NOT do these 10 things to yourself in the New Year

If you're being completely honest with yourself, there are sure to be some things that are bothering you. Which you are secretly angry about, but which you do the same again anyway. Your resolution for the new year: change something! You really shouldn't do these ten things to yourself if you want to be happy.

1. You shouldn't criticize yourself all the time

Yes, you probably make mistakes every now and then. And maybe you have cellulite or your stomach isn't completely flat. You shouldn't care at all! Stop being your worst enemy and keep beating yourself up. Stop being your biggest critic and try to find things you like about yourself!

2. You shouldn't keep saying 'yes'

'Yes' to the extra task at work, 'Yes' to getting the present for everyone else: Better say 'No'. You don't have to do everything others ask you to do. It's perfectly okay to say 'no' when you don't have the time or feel like it. Everyone else does that too.

3. You shouldn't be doing things all the time that you don't want to do

You can't avoid everything that you think is stupid. But don't let friends, family, or coworkers persuade you to do things you don't enjoy. It's okay if you stay at home for an evening and don't watch the movie with everyone that doesn't interest you the bean.

4. You should stop lying to yourself all the time

"It will soon be quieter at work" or "That between my boyfriend and I will soon get better" - it is possible that this is actually true. But: in most cases we would just like it that way, but nothing changes. Be honest with yourself and stop lying to yourself.

5. You should stop messing with people who are bad for you

Permanent pessimists, people who only take advantage of you or put you in a bad mood: Separate yourself from them. They have no place in your life.

6. You shouldn't pretend anymore

You are unique just like you are! Show that to the world, don't pretend It's okay if you have a different opinion or like other things. You don't have to swim with the crowd.

7. You should drop your perfectionism

Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. If you are one of the perfectionists, you should try to change yourself. Admit mistakes, don't always give 110 percent when 80 would be just as good. That makes you much happier and more relaxed.

8. You shouldn't stress yourself about trivialities anymore

You're ten minutes late or have to cancel an appointment: in most cases, that doesn't matter. It's better to stay calm and learn not to get angry about such little things or to stress yourself about them days later.

9. You shouldn't compare yourself to others anymore

Everyone is unique, so stop measuring yourself against others. You are great the way you are It doesn't matter that you are not as good at some things as your girlfriend / sister / colleague. You can do something better for that.

10. You shouldn't let your fear hold you back

Don't let your head be your guide in the New Year, but take risks from time to time. Sure, there is no guarantee that everything will work out. But if you don't at least try out of sheer fear, you won't find out.

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