What is primer filler

Details aboutFINIXA UV Primer / Filler Primer Spray 400ml, Smart Repair, 1K Art. TSP150

FINIXA UV Primer Gray 400ml Art. TSP150

  • A one-component UV-curable filler
  • 2 minutes dry
  • No mixing
  • Increased productivity
  • For use on properly cleaned and sanded steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, hardened and sanded OEM surfaces, polyester filler, rigid and semi-rigid plastic, ...
  • Perfect for spot and smart repairs
On the Finixa website there is a user video that answers all questions by itself! The SDS and the TDS data sheet are also located there.

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After the introduction of the VOC regulation "(2004/42 / EC or 1999/13 / EC)" on 01/01/2007, everyone who deals with it is affected. For this reason, dealers must ensure that, for example, customers who use these paints only for the permitted areas of the VOC regulation. Examples of use in the VOC regulation are where non-VOC-approved paints may be used: Restoration of oldtimers Filling of aerosol spray cans Painting of vehicles of the German armed forces, civil defense, fire brigade and the forces responsible for maintaining order - Painting of vehicles that are only used in the public sector in urban areas.Industrial painting (e.g. plastic parts without vehicle reference) VOC-compliant means: From the filler to the topcoat, environmentally friendly products, as required by law since January 1, 2007 - the EU solvent came into effect Directive in force. It defines stricter limit values ​​for the emission of solvents into the environment em, only materials that comply with the new specifications may be used in car refinishing. By purchasing the goods, the buyer confirms that he is familiar with the guidelines and has been adequately informed by the paint supplier UG. The responsibility for this passes to the buyer with the purchase of the article.