What is the highest priest

Keyword: Supreme Priest

He was in charge of everything related to the temple, worship, and the ministry of priests. In other Bible translations he is also called "high priest". Even in earlier times there were so-called high priests in Jerusalem and at other sanctuaries in the country (cf. 2 Kings 12:11; 2 Kings 22: 4-8). But it was only after the time when the people of Israel were in exile in Babylon (587–539 BC) that the office of high priest became of paramount importance for Judaism. As the highest authority of his people in the time when there was no king, the Supreme Priest also became the political head of the Jewish community. The powers of the office were cut back by the Romans; but even at this time the chief priest remained the chairman of the Jewish council and the highest representative of the Jewish community.

In the time of Jesus, the chief priest had three central roles:

(1) He made sacrifices on behalf of the people at the great festivals. Only he was allowed to enter the sanctuary of the temple once a year, on the Day of Atonement.

(2) Politically, he represented the Jewish people vis-à-vis the Roman occupying power.

(3) Finally, as chairman of the Jewish council, he was responsible for domestic politics, justice and administration.

Their job was to lead the worship service, make sacrifices, and interpret the will of God.
Nickname of the Israelite progenitor Jakob. As a common name, it refers to the entire twelve-tribes people.
Means the time between 587 and 538 BC. During which part of the people of Israel had to live in exile in Babylonia.
Members of the community of faith in which the biblical people of Israel continue.
At the time of Jesus the supreme authority of Judaism.
Greek name form of the Hebrew name Yeshua.
Judaism is a religion with a strong festival culture.