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Creating an atmosphere for children to blossom in - by Sadhguru

In a conversation between Sadhguru and Jonathan Coslet, TPG Holdings' investment director and board member of the prestigious Menlo School in the United States, answers Sadhguru a question about the social and academic pressures young people face.


Q: Young people are under enormous pressure, both academically and socially. How can a child manage to find a balance between a steady development in life and the achievement of the necessary school grades on the one hand - whether this is one, two, three or something in between, and on the other hand a balance of joy create and walk a path that feels good to the child?

Sadhguru: If you look at a child's education, you spend a certain number of years learning the alphabet. You will spend a certain number of years learning to write and read. In order to acquire a certain level of mathematical knowledge, you will spend a few years. Why is there no time to learn how you function internally? This is because we have set priorities in our society that do not consider this to be important. I say this with great sadness - I have been told that over 3,000 children attempt suicide in the United States every day. In India, over 10,000 children commit suicide each year. How can we ignore this aspect of life? Have we lost our minds


A child needs an appropriate environment

You cannot correct this just by working with the children themselves. A child needs an appropriate environment. That's what we missed out on in the things we do in the world today. Recently someone sent me a gift - a spray that supposedly contains good bacteria. I should spray myself with it. I've been told that spraying it on myself will keep your skin healthy, and spraying it on my head will keep your hair healthy! What do I need bacteria for? I didn't grow up in a laboratory. I grew up on this planet that is full of bacteria. What I mean by that is that our life does not take place independently of everything else. Life happens with the inclusion of all that is. The environmental degradation that is taking place on the planet is a result of the assumption that we could eradicate everything around us and live as well. But that's not how it works. An appropriate environment is required.

The same goes for your child. A child needs an appropriate environment. What things is it brought into contact with, how does it spend its life, in which direction do we try to direct it? We need to understand that having a child - and especially adolescents - means developing humanity. Even with your car, you expect the next model to be better than the current model. If car makers were making the same model all the time, would you buy a new one every year? Likewise, the next generation shouldn't feel, think, and act the same way you do. That shouldn't be the expectation. At the same time, parents should definitely care whether or not their child is working towards his or her own well-being.

A child's well-being cannot be achieved by just looking at that one child. We need an appropriate environment, because a child is not independent of the environment in which it grows up. A child is a product of this environment. It is our job to make this environment beneficial. Even if we want to make flowers bloom, it is important to create and maintain the right environment. We can't just pull the flowers out of the plant. That's not how it works. If we tried something like that, we would end up with only plastic flowers.


Don't expect roses ...

Most parents do little to nurture their children's genius. Instead, they try to steer their children in a certain direction. Stop driving. You won't get rose petals from a plant that isn't a rose. The plant will produce a different flower. You shouldn't expect everything to bloom as a rose just because you like roses. It's a new and fresh life that you have at home. We do not know in what form this life will be expressed.

When I was told as a teenager to do this or that, I didn't if it didn't make sense to me. The only thing in my life that really made a difference to me was that I never let anyone influence me, my family, society, religious or political environment. I just stayed the way the Creator made me. I always stayed a little away from everything and gradually realized that it takes a certain intelligence to be alive.

This is why I tell people who want to have and raise a child that they either need a lot of courage or a lot of wisdom. Because a new life is no small matter. Do you see it as a phenomenon that blossoms in your body, comes into the world and grows - from two cells life develops before your eyes and takes shape - you look at it in complete admiration and manage to create the right environment , your child will grow into something wonderful. Although it may not turn out to be the rose bloom that you expected. They don't need to become what you expect because your expectations come from the graveyard of the past. Children belong to the future.

Children do not belong to you and they do not come from you either. They only come into this world through you. It is a privilege that we should cherish and enjoy instead of believing we have the right to try to determine their careers and future. As long as they are working towards their wellbeing and are not acting destructively towards their own lives, it is up to you to wait. All through the time the child is twenty-one, pretend that you are still pregnant. You just wait. When the child was still in the womb, you didn't do anything, did you? You just fed yourself well and waited. This is exactly how you should approach it - ensure the appropriate framework conditions and wait.



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