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PDC: Twitter tool Seesmic for Windows native in future

The software manufacturer Seesmic announced at the Professional Developers Conference 2009 (PDC) that the extremely popular Twitter software Seesmic of the same name will also be offered in a native Windows version in the future. So far, Seesmic had only offered its software in the form of an Adobe AIR application for Windows and other platforms with AIR support, as well as a native Mac version. In the future, the focus will now be on native Windows output.

A preview version of Seesmic for Windows is now available for download. This can be obtained from the beta section of the company's homepage, but according to the manufacturer it is not necessarily completely error-free and equipped with all known functions.

With the Windows version, Seesmic finally wants to take into account the fact that the majority of users use the Microsoft operating system anyway. The sensor and interface features of Windows 7, among other things, should also be supported by the time the final edition is completed.

As part of the full support for Windows 7, a new plug-in system will also be introduced, which enables third-party providers to integrate additional features. According to its own information, Microsoft helped the Seesmic developers with extensive assistance, also because they wanted to benefit from the popularity of the Twitter application.

Among other things, all development tools were made available free of charge. In the future, Seesmic will also be available on mobile devices with the help of Microsoft's Flash alternative Silverlight, with synchronization via servers on the Internet being sought.

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