This is how you can contact Quickbooks support

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Users don't just want specific step-by-step information on how to use QuickBooks 2011; They also want some troubleshooting advice. They want techniques and tactics that will help them solve the inevitable problems they encounter while using QuickBooks in real-world situations.

You can usually find the information in the QuickBooks Help file. Choose Help → QuickBooks Help to display the QuickBooks Help window. Click the Search tab and enter the word or phrase you want to look up.

Another really good troubleshooting resource is the Intuit Product Support website for QuickBooks. This website is available at // support. Quick books. com or by selecting Help → Support in QuickBooks is an extensive database of troubleshooting information.

You can also get direct product support in several other ways:

  • Live support: You can call a real person at Intuit and get personalized help. Intuit offers a variety of support plans. The costs vary depending on the chosen tariff. The number you get depends on which version of QuickBooks you are using. For an overview of the various QuickBooks support plans, their prices and phone numbers, browse the QuickBooks website.

    QuickBooks phone support might be free if you call with an installation problem, upgrade problem, or software bug. However, Intuit defines the term Software bug very tight. What you call software bugs may not be software defects for the Intuit support person.

  • Premium Support Plan: You can sign up for a premium support plan that gives you unlimited phone support for around $ 350 per year and then calls a real person on Intuit. (This annual fee changes, so check the website for the latest pricing information.) Premium support is a pretty good investment. If you make more than one phone support call per year, the premium support plan can likely save you money, as a single support call can easily last an hour and can be very expensive.

  • Professional advisor: You can contact a QuickBooks professional advisor through the QuickBooks website. In short, QuickBooks Professional Consultants are the only people (often accountants and consultants) who pay Intuit to be listed on the QuickBooks Product Support website. (Some of these people also take a test and pay extra money to be listed as "certified" consultants.) They pay these professional consultants their usual consultancy fees. To contact a QuickBooks professional advisor, visit // proadvisor. intuitive. com / transfer /.