How does sleep affect the skin?

Blackheads & pimples The 10 most common causes of pimples

How pimples arise

Actually, a pimple occurs when sebum builds up in a pore, clogging it, making it susceptible to bacteria, which eventually leads to inflammation. The result: the pore swells and forms pus. Sounds obvious - but the causes that lead to clogging of a pore are very diverse. We have collected the ten most common reasons for pimples for you.

The top 10 pimple causes

Pimple Cause # 1: Stress

The skin is the mirror of the soul, as the saying goes. In hectic phases, the body reacts to the stress hormones released with impure skin.

Pimple Cause # 2: Lack of Sleep

The body regenerates best at night. If he doesn't get enough sleep, not only do new pimples develop, but they also heal more poorly.

Pimple cause # 3: makeup

Under a thick layer of make-up, the fine pores of the skin can breathe more poorly and become clogged. The result: unsightly redness and pimples.

Pimple Cause # 4: Alcohol

Our complexion forgives us for a drink. However, with larger amounts, the body tries to get rid of the poison by all means. Even over the skin.

Pimple cause # 5: hormonal changes

The body changes, especially during puberty: sex hormones that control our sexual function also have an effect on sebum formation. Then there is a risk of increased pimple alarms.

Pimple Cause # 6: Smoking

Cigarettes are stressful for our skin. Tobacco smoke ages them and acts like a pimple booster from within.

Pimple cause # 7: bad hygiene

Anyone who frequently touches their face with unwashed hands or holds a greasy smartphone display to their ear places pimple-causing bacteria directly on their face.

Pimple Cause # 8: Skin Care

Sounds paradoxical. Skin Care Pimples? Yes, you can: Because creams or lotions for the face and body often contain special fragrances or preservatives. Not everyone can tolerate this and some skin defends itself against it with pustules or pimples.

Pimple Cause # 9: Diet

If you eat too much, too greasy or too one-sided, you shouldn't be surprised if your skin reacts with pimples. A lack of fluids also shows up sooner or later in the complexion.

Pimple Cause # 10: Period

As if the period wasn't stressful enough ... A woman's cycle is accompanied by normal hormone fluctuations. Some react with mood swings, while others feel it through their skin.