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Examples of start-ups from the university

Airyx (2017)
Airyx develops, sells and rents customer-specific, high-precision measuring devices for gases. The optical measurement technology is based on the DOAS technology or further developments thereof. The focus is currently on nitrogen oxide (NO2 / NO / NOx) gas concentrations, but also formaldehyde, ozone and sulfur dioxide. The nitrogen oxide measuring device, the so-called NOx-ICAD, which was originally developed at the Institute for Environmental Physics and has been patent pending, has been attracting great interest for over 3 years. The new, transportable in-situ measuring device can be used as a mobile device for measuring nitrogen oxide pollutants, which is so far unique. Another application is the emission measurement of vehicles, in which the real emission values ​​are determined from simple measurements in the exhaust plume. In addition, immission and emission measurements are offered for various institutions and industrial customers, which, in particular, were not possible with previous measurement technology.


HD Vision Systems GmbH (2017)
HD Vision Systems develops sensors and software for optical measurement and reconstruction of objects and surfaces in 3D. HD Vision Systems is more robust to glossy surfaces than current methods. Due to the independence of the type of lighting and the high degree of flexibility of the products, this technology opens up completely new possibilities for the user. Whether inline or atline testing, photorealistic modeling, or Robotvision, all of this is based on modular software and enables new applications to be developed quickly.


Heidelberg Delivery Technologies GmbH (2017)
Heidelberg Delivery Technologies GmbH is developing a technology platform for the oral administration of peptides and proteins. Peptide or protein-based drugs are needed to treat many chronic diseases. A particular problem with these drugs, however, is that peptides and proteins cannot be administered orally, as they are quickly broken down in the gastrointestinal tract and / or not absorbed and therefore have to be injected. With our technology, the use of syringes can be dispensed with.


Plan W - Agency for Strategic Communication (2016)
Plan W offers advice for actors from business, political parties, administrations, associations and NGOs at all levels of political communication. A holistic communication concept is implemented, which is strategically developed using the Plan W 3-step process. The two founders themselves come from party work and have many years of experience in various political areas as well as in PR and social media consulting. The holistic approach at Plan W combines this background with classic elements of press and public relations, innovative online communication and unconventional measures such as guerrilla marketing. In addition, the advice is supported by well-founded political science know-how. Plan W is an owner-managed agency based in Heidelberg. The offices are located in Heidelberg's cultural and creative business center, Department 16.


LEX superior (2016)
LEX superior is an app with which all relevant standards of federal law, European law and state law can be accessed for studies and legal clerkship. The special thing about LEX superior is that the user interface is specifically tailored to the work habits of lawyers, making the app intuitive to use. In the future, the three founders want to expand this platform with content specially prepared for studies and legal clerkship. LEX superior is available as a mobile app (Android and iOS) as well as a web app (Chrome and Safari).


GetSafe (2015)
Getsafe is a pioneer in the European insurtech scene based in Heidelberg. Getsafe brings the concept of multi-line insurance, such as Axa or Allianz, into the digital age and ensures that young customers can easily take out, change and report their insurance cover in real time and without paper using an app. Well-known partners such as Munich Re, one of the largest reinsurers in the world, as well as leading venture capital investors such as Rocket Internet, Partech Ventures and Commerzbank support you on the way to generate new insurance products.


SPONSORT is the first crowdfunding platform for creative and sustainable ideas, projects and start-ups in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. It brings the ideas of local people together with the power of local companies - for a more attractive region and liveable cities. The projects presented on SPONSORT are beneficial for everyone involved. People can realize their creative ideas and thus contribute to improving the quality of life in their place of residence. Companies can support projects with effective advertising and take on local social responsibility in accordance with their corporate social responsibility activities. All actors have access to high-profile tools that enable an ideal level of cooperation and a new form of CSR: Companies become initiators of their own or sponsors of other projects - through transparent sponsoring models, support modes such as the “crowdfond” or with their own personalized bottom.


Heidelberg College (2015)
The Heidelberg Kolleg is a private education provider that aims to support young people on their educational path. Our team is made up of young academics who tie in with the environment of those interested in education and can therefore look after and deal with concerns and needs individually. Based on the mechanism of the fast-paced world and the constantly changing job market, the Heidelberg Kolleg is primarily concerned with the individuality of the client and the opportunity to discover one's own facets, talents and characteristics. Above all, the type of knowledge transfer and advisory activity is decisive for the self-realization and development of a person, which is why the concept is based on current scientific knowledge, the quality standards for advice and education as well as on experience in practical implementation.


German Renewables (2015)
German Renewables have specialized in advising German companies in the fields of soil, air and water pollution control for exports to Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the People's Republic of China. The development of new markets for these mostly medium-sized companies is made easier by advice on investment decisions and market entry. The German Renewables are a spin-off of the Institute for Political Science. During his dissertation on environmental policy in a comparison of democracies and autocracies, Marius Melzer, the company's founder, discovered that there are numerous innovative companies in the field of environmental protection in Germany. However, environmental problems occur mainly in developing and emerging countries. This gave rise to the business idea of ​​opening up new business opportunities for German companies in the environmental sector.


FZM LuciaOptics (2014)
FZM LuciaOptics is an innovative, non-profit microscopy company and offers a research and development platform for various proprietary technologies for high-resolution light microscopy. Together with partners, superresolution microscopes for routine use by laboratory technicians and specialists in molecular biology laboratories, medical diagnostics and material testing are developed to market maturity and sold by industrial partners. FZM LuciaOptics researches the use of super resolution microscopy in the areas of molecular biology, medicine and materials science.


CONIAS Risk Intelligence GmbH (2014)
CONIAS Risk Intelligence is an independent company that specializes in risk management in the field of political conflicts. Political conflicts not only pose a threat to employees and business processes in their most extreme form of war. Sometimes these can only be saved at the last second because the seriousness of the situation was recognized too late. Our worldwide unique methodology, which was developed and refined in the course of 20 years of scientific work at the University of Heidelberg, enables threats to be identified at an early stage and thus gives you a decisive advantage in protecting your employees and securing your business.


Studybees UG (2014)
Studybees arranges "tuition" tutors for all courses at German universities on an online platform. On the platform, students can select their university, their course of study and the course in which they have difficulties (e.g. "Basics of Statistics") and receive an overview of the available tutors. The special thing is that students do not just receive general tutoring - e.g. in maths - but specifically in the courses at their university in which they need support. Studybees makes this possible by finding fellow students who have already attended this exact course and encouraging them to support their fellow students with tutoring.


PIGAS UG (2014)
PIGAS (Program on International German Application Service) is a semi-automated consulting software in the cloud. Her focus is on advising and placing foreign students, graduates and young scientists who are aiming for a scientific career in Germany.
For those interested from abroad, the application process at German universities is often difficult and lengthy. PIGAS helps people to apply to German universities and other scientific institutions. PIGAS relies on an intelligent cloud service, which is supplemented and expanded by traditional personal advice to customers. This significantly simplifies and accelerates the process for foreign applicants.


pallas_ludens GmbH (2014)
Timely braking, early detection of ecological threats or the diagnosis of diseases, all of this can be supported by automatically seeing machines. Still, people see better and can teach the computer a lot. Pallas_ludens GmbH, which is currently being founded, has set itself the goal of motivating people in a playful way to solve these visual tasks. Mobile games, gamification and crowdsourcing are intended to achieve a volume of information that cannot be implemented by research alone.


IHO GmbH (2014)
IHO GmbH is a consulting company founded in 2014. With over 15 years of experience of the founders in the field of medical molecular diagnostics, the company specializes in advising molecular laboratories on the standardization and optimization of internal laboratory processes. The focus here is on imparting more sensitive methods and the international comparability of the results.
The information system "Global in-depth supervised monitoring system for laboratory diagnostics" (GISMO) developed for this purpose enables a smooth exchange of information with the laboratories.


msmommer GmbH (2014)
Msmommer GmbH supports modeling, simulation and optimization in industry and science. Based on the many years of expertise of its founder, Mario Mommer, it helps with the (further) development of software and offers project-related advice on improving work processes and developments.


Bürgerwerke eG (2013)
The Bürgerwerke eG were founded by the Heidelberger Energiegenossenschaft and other energy communities in order to jointly supply households and companies throughout Germany with 100% renewable electricity for citizens. The association of now more than 80 citizens 'energy cooperatives and over 12,000 people from all over Germany is based in Heidelberg and is a key player in the energy transition in citizens' hands. In addition to the supply of green electricity, the community networks those active in the energy transition and, in addition to supplying electricity, opens up other business areas for them: For example, tenant electricity models for supplying solar electricity directly from the roof or the construction of a public charging network for electric vehicles.


Made for use (2012)
Boring presentations, bad graphics or illegible writing ?! That doesn't have to be the case, thought the two students Jan Heiermann and Maximilian Ott and created a large number of presentation templates. These are available as apps for IPhone, IPod touch and IPad.


Medical ethnology team (2012)
Finding culturally sensitive solutions in health care is the goal of the medical ethnology team led by Verena Keck, Julia Thiesbonenkamp-Maag and Franziska Herbst. They impart skills that help in everyday dealings with patients from different cultural backgrounds.


Space Bonding GbR (2012)
Space bonding gives the citizen the opportunity to have a say in important urban political decisions. Manuel Steinbrenner, Steffen Becher and Matthias Burgbacher create interactive questionnaires that allow a picture of the mood for urban planning development. This should form a further building block for civil society.


Tommoko UG (2012)
Innovations and visions need financial support for their implementation. Tommoko offers a crowdfunding platform especially for scientists and their projects. With crowdfunding, private individuals acquire a share in the young company with unusual ideas. Andrew Isaak enables companies to grow that do not get loans or grants.


Heidelberg Ideas e.V. (2012)
A good idea, but what's next? The Heidelberger Ideen e.V. are a student association that examine your idea and give you valuable tips. The idea is further developed in one-on-one or group meetings in a relaxed atmosphere and important impulses are given to the future founder.


HPC simulation software & services (2011)
'HPC-Simulation Software & Services' of the mathematician Dr. Markus Blatt, co-developer of the "DUNE" simulation software for supercomputers, was founded in 2012 at the Uni-TT start-up center. The one-person company adapts this software for the respective application at industrial or research customers. DUNE can calculate complex flows e.g. of water or air on bodies, so it offers e.g. virtual wind tunnel investigations for the automotive industry.


BlindAd UG (2011)
Platform for leisure meetings, especially for students who are looking to connect with people who are doing the same sport or leisure time in a new city. Founded in 2011 by the two brothers Dominik and Nicolas Amann. One studies medicine in Freiburg, the other maths in Heidelberg.


Extoll GmbH (2011)
Developed a new connection network for supercomputers at the Chair of Computer Architecture (Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brüning). The performance of these computer networks is largely determined by the speed and latency of the connection technology as well as the number and performance of the processors used. In the area of ​​high-performance computing, the trend is towards a combination of maximum performance and the lowest possible energy consumption. The application areas of such high-performance computers also include database systems. Compared to solutions available on the market, the new technology will be three to four times more efficient. Extoll is funded for 18 months in phase 1 of the exist research transfer program.


HEG Heidelberger Energiegenossenschaft e. G.
Was founded by students of the PH and the university who have set themselves the goal of using the roofs of the university and PH buildings in Heidelberg for solar systems. The HEG has been collecting money from students, employees, professors and other interested people since 2010 in order to invest it in climate-friendly energy systems. The cooperative operates more than 20 solar systems in Heidelberg and the surrounding area and has been supplying households and companies with regional green electricity in cooperation with the Bürgerwerke since 2014.


Trapp ChemTech GmbH & Co KG
Is a foundation by Prof Dr. Oliver Trapp from the Organic Chemistry Institute from 2010. She develops new types of devices for high throughput analysis. Chromatographic separation techniques, which enable a mixture of substances such as crude oil to be separated into different individual components, are combined with information technology processes, so-called multiplexing, which speeds up the analysis by a factor of 10 to 15.


chocoBRAIN (2009)
chocoBRAIN is an online marketing company from Heidelberg that provides all-in-one marketing software as a web service. Companies use the software to generate visitors and new customer inquiries via their own website. The company was founded in 2009 and is the first inbound marketing software provider for small and medium-sized companies in Germany.


Semesterbooks UG (limited liability)
Is an internet-supported used books market for students with a regional focus on a university location and strong links to a social network, as tips and information about the semester literature (requested by the professor at the respective university) can be passed on. Semesterbooks.de was founded in 2008 by two students.


Glossary manager Irmela Obermann & Frank Brempel GbR (2008)
Developed software for translators to manage technical vocabulary.


mediCyte GmbH
This biotech company from the BZH has been focusing on the controlled production of human liver stem cells for products in research, industry and therapy since 2007.


Madhyam Consulting Volker Oberkircher (2007)
Offers intercultural communication and advice for companies that want to do business in India.


Stella Nova Entertainment
Initiated by Prof. Chr. Enss from the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, has been showing physical experiments that fascinate young and old since 2007; connects science and entertainment in a special way.


Dosing GmbH (2006)
Developed the web-based database AiD-Klinik at the Heidelberg University Hospital, with which doctors, pharmacists and nursing staff can query the risks of drugs and convert the quantities of active ingredients from different preparations.


Certon Systems GmbH (2005)
Is a spin-off from Heidelberg University in 2005. It develops and sells professional mass storage solutions for small and medium-sized companies. The storage solutions from Certon Systems create measurable economic added value for the customer.


evaplan GmbH (2004)
Is a spin-off from the Tropical Hygiene and Public Health Department at Heidelberg University. It offers German and international development cooperation organizations advisory services in the field of public health and feels committed to an approach of social justice and the implementation of human rights. The thematic priorities of the counseling work are HIV and AIDS, sexual and reproductive health and health system development.


b-educated GmbH
Has been advising companies since 2002 on the conception, implementation and evaluation of personnel development, training and further education and knowledge management.