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TOP 10: The strongest Kryptonians in the world of DC Comics

When the planet Krypton exploded, it was feared that the entire Kryptonian society would be destroyed. When Kal-El first arrived on Earth, he appeared to be the only Kryptonian who had survived. The amazing powers he demonstrated on earth after exposure to the yellow sun set him apart as a being of unprecedented strength. He stood alone as Superman.

However, over the years a number of other Kryptonians have come to Earth and developed powers that rival those of Superman's. But who is really the strongest Kryptonian? With that in mind, here are the 10 strongest Kryptonians in the DC Comics world:

Place 10: Jor-El

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Jor-El is the father of Superman. Although he originally sent his son alone, it is later revealed that he actually survived and came to earth as well. Mentally damaged, Jor-El is unwilling to be a hero, and while he possesses the standard powers of every Kryptonian, he doesn't really know how to use them. After coming to earth, Jor-El also witnessed the atrocities of war on our world. He decided to become Mister Oz and try to manipulate events instead of engaging in them.

9th place: Cyborg Superman

There are two different versions of Cyborg Superman. One is the human Hank Henshaw, who was exposed to Superman's birth matrix and thereby acquired some Kryptonian powers. The more powerful form of the cyborg Superman, however, is Zor El, the father of Supergirl, who was transformed into even more powerful powers by Brainiac. However, Brainiac did not anticipate the extent to which Kryptonian strength would grow, and his modifications ultimately make him weaker than pure Kryptonians.

8th place: Power Girl

Power Girl aka Karen Starr is Kara Zor-El from Earth 2. Since the physics in her home dimension is different, she is weaker than the Kryptonians of our dimension. She also feels like she is less strong than her cousin. This creates a crisis of confidence that can weaken their power even further. When she struggles, she exhibits a cheek that can sometimes serve her well, but can also undermine her effectiveness. However, it has the balancing power that kryptonite from our universe does not normally act on it.

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7th place: Faora / Ursa

Faora is a Kryptonian criminal imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, the prison that survived the destruction of the planet. She was known as Ursa in the 1980 film Superman II, and has been known by both names ever since. She is often shown to have a strength similar to Superman, but uses her fighter skills to defeat him in battle. However, when put to the test, she is not as strong as Superman or Zod. She is often portrayed as Zod's lover, and sometimes she's the only person he gives enough importance to to put his plans for conquest on hold.

6th place: Zod

Zod is a Kryptonian criminal and fascist general who tried to overthrow the democratic government of Krypton. He was defeated and imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, sometimes with a few allies, sometimes with his entire cadre of loyalists. His devious mind, military training, and allies make him a deadly foe, but he is usually not shown to be as strong as Superman. The usual explanation is that he didn't have as much time to absorb solar radiation as Superman, which means he doesn't have the same reserve of strength.

5th place: Superboy-Prime

Like Power Girl, Superboy-Prime comes from another dimension, but one where there weren't really any superheroes. He grew up watching Superman comics and adored his hero. When he discovered that he had powers like the comic book hero, he liked to use them for good. He teamed up with heroes from other dimensions to defeat the Anti-Monitor. In "Infinite Crisis", however, he returned to take on the role of the superboy in the surviving universe and then try to restore his own universe. To defeat him, you ultimately need the strength of two supermen.

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4th place: Supergirl

Like Superman, Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl was deliberately sent to Earth by Krypton. She was older when she was sent and was supposed to arrive before Kal El to help him, but her spaceship was stopped. There is considerable controversy over whether or not Supergirl is stronger than Superman. Usually everyone agrees that Superman is stronger, but that Supergirl has more potential and will get stronger. In conflicts with her cousin, Supergirl often prevails because he tends to hold back with his strength, even if he doesn't believe it.

3rd place: Doomsday

Doomsday is a product of Kryptonian technology, a genetically engineered monster built from the remains of an ancient being. Sometimes known as "The Ultimate," it was created not just once, but many times in numerous versions, as it was released into a dangerous environment as a baby. Every time it didn't survive, it was recreated, a little stronger. After decades of refinement, it killed its maker and escaped Krypton. It destroyed several worlds before coming to earth and opposing Superman. The two Kryptonians fought a gigantic battle in which both fighters were killed.

2nd place: Superman

Kal-El was the first Kryptonian to arrive on Earth, and he has proven his strength time and again against various Kryptonian opponents. Aside from having had more time to absorb the sun's rays and become stronger, most of the time he has spent with his superpowers and learned to control them closely. He faced many opponents and improved his skills with every challenge. He also has access to the database of kryptonian knowledge, which helps him find technological solutions when his strength is insufficient. However, his powers also grow and wane depending on the events of the various comic sheets.

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1st place: H’El

Putting a Kryptonian above Superman is controversial, but there are good reasons to put H’El at the top. H’El was a space explorer sent by Jor-El and Lara, Kal-El's parents. Before deciding to send their son to the stars, they first sent H’E in a prototype ship to secure the compendium of the history and knowledge of Krypton. With the prototype ship, the journey was difficult and H’El arrived in Kal-El for decades. During the trip, it absorbed numerous types of radiation that make it stronger. He tries to recruit Kal-El to save Krypton, but his willingness to sacrifice Earth puts him at odds with Superman. H’El shows his raw strength as Supergirl flies full force towards him and bounces off, injuring her hands without disturbing him. In addition, he has psychological abilities that make him an even more formidable opponent.