How do I stop thinking little things

Let go of stressful things and clear your mind

There are many things that are holding us back. Things that disturb inner peace, cause worry and lead to negative and unpleasant thoughts.

The more we try to clear our mind of negative thoughts and things, the more persistent they become. It's like we're trying not to think of a big pink elephant. The more we focus on not thinking about this elephant, the more our mind will focus on this picture.

Our mind doesn't know how to fail to focus on something. The best way to rid the mind of unwanted thoughts is to fill it with loving and good thoughts. The more positively we think, the less room there is for negatives. With more love we can free ourselves from stressful things and find more freedom in our heads.


A feeling of resentment and resentment weighs down the heart and mind. We are worth not responding to negativity with negativity. When we forgive ourselves and other people, it helps to break away from the past and put aside stressful things. There is room for the beautiful, the great and the chance for a new beginning.

Take your time to rest

Activity, movement and change are standard in this world. However, constant rushing to and fro is often counterproductive and makes us slow. Without rest, we lose time for reflection, observation and listening. We lose inner peace. Rest gives you time to sort your thoughts, get rid of unnecessary things and think more clearly.

Let go of the past

One way to prevent the past from affecting our future is to stop believing that it will. Only when we let go of the past can we fully focus on the here and now. This helps us think more clearly, focus on the beautiful things, and gives us the opportunity to create new things that will give us joy and help us enjoy life more.


Apologies help repair damage, heal relationships, and soothe wounds. An apology has the ability to reduce anger and prevent further misunderstandings. She shows respect and appreciation to the other person. Although past hurtful actions are irreversible, the negative effects of this action can be prevented. If we sincerely apologize for something, we can be free. We can change and build beautiful relationships.

Pay attention

The more we focus on the things we are doing, the less we give our minds room for negativity. The present moment is the only one that is safely available to us. If we enjoy the present and make it as beautiful as we can, we don't have to blame ourselves later. Thinking about the future is also unimportant. We don't have to wait for the special day, we can live special every day.

Stop feeling guilty

Feelings of guilt make us feel trapped and powerless. If we apologize for something and do our best to keep it from happening, there is no need to feel guilty. When we take responsibility for our own actions, we can get rid of feelings of guilt.

Get rid of self-pity

Self-pity leads to negativity. He stops us and puts the focus on the negative. If we feel sorry for ourselves, we cannot be grateful for what we have at the same time. It is impossible to feel self-pity and gratitude at the same time. Gratitude builds. It gives courage and helps to focus on the beautiful. Gratitude helps break the cycle of self-pity.

love yourself

We should love each other as much as we always wanted to be loved. Love for yourself is the key to a full life. As we begin to accept each other and love more, we can better control our thoughts, intentions, and actions and realign them with love. We thereby take control of our lives and relationships.

How long do we have left?

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