Work against hangover drinks

Munich - rollmops or aspirin: four Oktoberfest visitors tried anti-hangover drugs - a doctor says what really helps.

“Rätätä, rätätä, tomorrow hamma skull pain” - what the beer-loving Wiesn visitor roars euphorically in the evening becomes a (head) painful reality the morning after. "The hangover is caused by the loss of water and trace elements," explains Dr. Andreas Schabenberger, who also treats numerous beer corpses in the Oktoberfest guard of the Bavarian Red Cross. “This influences the function of certain brain areas and brain cells die. That makes a headache. ”Those who then want to continue partying or have to work can scourge themselves and suffer - or help their recovery. Four Wiesn visitors did the test for us: Which remedy really helps?

The protein boom

The rollmops sloshes threateningly back and forth in the glass. Just looking at it, Linda, 22, gets sick - "he looks so disgusting". But the head is buzzing, the student drank two glasses yesterday. Linda not only swallows the rollmops bravely, but also a raw egg in a glass with a lot of Tabasco. “The rollmops wasn't as bad as it looks,” she says. “But the egg was gross. The consistency makes you sick. ”But it seems to help: An hour later, Linda feels better. Her verdict: "You have to overcome yourself, but it helps a little."

The counter beer

Only the tough come into the garden, thinks Marco from Holland - and drinks against the hangover. “This is the only way to go at this festival,” he says. He's been celebrating at the Oktoberfest for two days, so the concept has worked so far. “You can't do that for too long,” he says. “Normally I can just stand the hangover.” This is also healthier - because more alcohol draws more fluids from the body.

The miracle powder

Simply undo the last measure - that's what many people want the morning after. A new anti-hangover powder promises exactly that: According to the manufacturer, "Alcovit" can neutralize up to 40 grams of pure alcohol, which would be roughly one measure. Sabrina, 22, from Kassel tests the powder that you should drink before going to bed. “It tastes sour, like grapefruit,” she says. “Not particularly tasty” - and the next morning she still has a stomachache. “That didn't work. At most for a clear conscience. "

The classic

Aspirin and lots of water - Julia, 25, from Frankfurt opts for the classic anti-hangover. As expected, the headache disappears - "it doesn't help against anything else". Julia has a different recipe: not only drink plenty of water, but also drink a cup of warm vegetable broth the next morning. "That really helps."

What the doctor says

A lot of alcohol is bad - of course. If you still don't want to give up, Dr. Schabenberger to a good foundation. "High-fat food is cheap because less alcohol is absorbed into the body." Isotonic drinks are particularly helpful against hangover. Apple juice spritzer or tomato juice are better than water. The doctor also recommends eating a diet rich in vitamins. Bananas and kiwi fruit provide a lot of potassium, which the body needs to fight a hangover. Protein, however, does not help from a medical point of view. The doctor doesn't think much of aspirin either: “It helps against the hangover, but I still advise against it.” The active ingredient loses a protective function of the stomach. According to Dr. Schabenberger prefer to leave it hungover - because this means that fluid is lost again. With one exception: dance sports on the beer bench. Exercise can help reduce alcohol at the Oktoberfest more quickly. Well then: Rätätä, rätä. . .

Ann-Kathrin Gerke and Philipp Vetter