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Description of Numberzilla - number puzzle | Board game

We are excited to introduce the new exciting and fun number puzzle - Numberzilla! Our childhood favorite numbers game with familiar rules has been given a brand new, original paint job. Have fun with daily achievements and unlock cool badges that will definitely cheer you up!

The favorite puzzle

You will get to know our cute mascot Numberzilla and his friends - Smart Croissant, Cheeky Avocado, Watermelon Warrior and others. They are happy to teach you the rules and care about your results and successes. You will receive funny badges with characters for breaking record times, collecting game points and completing games.

We told you, Numberzilla really stands out from other logic and math games!

How do you play the game? The logic is simple!

• Connect the pairs of the same numbers (4-4, 2-2, 9-9) or those that add up to 10 (2-8, 3-7 etc.). Two numbers can be removed by tapping them one after the other.
• In the Numberzilla puzzle game, the pairs must be placed next to each other. You can join them vertically, horizontally, or even if one number is in the last cell of a row and another is in the first cell of the following row of the grid. There can also be empty cells between the two numbers.
• The goal is to get rid of all the numbers and clear the board.
• When there are no more numbers to remove, remaining numbers can be added to the end.

We offer 3 game modes:

❤️ Classic numbers game mode:

You have a basic set of numbers sorted from 1 to 19 (except for 10 - because there are no zeros) and can set a record time without hurry! Connect the numbers and add extra lines at the bottom when you run out of moves.

The game can go on forever - if you can't solve the puzzle, just enjoy the great Numberzilla number game and relax while matching the numbers.

💣 Survival mode:

The numbers from 1 to 19 (except 10) form a block of falling puzzle pieces. As soon as you remove a pair - the numbers drop down and fill in the gaps. In contrast to the classic mode, the game does not run indefinitely here - it ends as soon as the board is full.

Practice your math skills and face the challenge of completing the game faster and not losing!

🔥 Dinamik mode:

It's similar to Classic Mode, but the numbers on the board are in a random order.

The popularity of number games

This game is also known as Numberama, Take Ten, or 10 Seeds. You can play it both online and offline using a piece of paper. In 2019 we definitely prefer mobile versions of number games that can be played on the go :) Solving one puzzle a day will help you train your logic and math skills! Try it out and enjoy the result!

Benefit from Numberzilla premium access

You can definitely play Numberzilla for free. But with the premium access we take you to a whole new level:

👑 Unlock an unlimited number of clues;
👑 Use the “Undo” option to cancel the move - as often as you need it;
👑 No ads will ever interrupt you in solving the puzzle.

Guaranteed good app

This app has passed the security tests against viruses, malware and other malicious attacks and does not contain any threats.

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