What is the best free mailing list platform

Create free mailing lists with Google Groups

Creating mailing lists can be extremely useful in certain situations. In this article we explain what mailing lists are, what they can be used for and how to create a mailing list for free with Google Groups.

What are mailing lists?

Mailing lists are lists of e-mail addresses as well as newsletters or circulars. However, they are very different from the latter: Mailing lists are more than distributors of newsbecause they also have a own mailbox. This allows people who have subscribed to a mailing list to send messages to other members. You don't have to laboriously address the recipients individually or know their email addresses. The administrator determines who is allowed to subscribe to a mailing list at all.

There are many advantages to creating mailing lists.

When and for what should I create mailing lists

Depending on the situation and individual needs, it must be decided whether it makes sense to create a mailing list. Alternatively, forums or newsletters can be used as a means of communication. Here you will find the advantages and disadvantages of the different communication channels.

Forum vs. mailing list

Forums are ideally suited as public, topic-rich communication channels. For those looking for a more private channel of communication through closed groups, mailing list creation is better suited. Closed groups can be selected companies or customers, for example. Other suitable examples are student associations or students in a class. It doesn't matter what information is to be shared with a certain group of people: Whether new products come onto the market or the lecture or school is canceled; it just has to a single email be sent to the mailing list to inform all addressees.

Also, mailing lists can be great fast and easy and the administration is also uncomplicated. The creation of a forum, on the other hand, can take a lot of time, especially due to the structure and the assignment of rights. In addition, in contrast to a forum, a mailing list can also be used as a conventional newsletter by revoking all users of their writing rights.

Newsletter vs. mailing list


If you want to send a message to several people at the same time, but do not want a discussion among your own customers, you should not create a mailing list, but rather send newsletters to your customers. This is completely uncomplicated with the popular newsletter provider CleverReach *. With CleverReach, up to 250 recipients can be contacted free of charge. If the Discussion among customers however, if this is allowed or even desired, mailing lists should be created.

For whom it makes sense to create mailing lists must be decided individually.

How to Create Mailing Lists Using Google Groups

To create new mailing lists, you can either select an existing group in Google Groups or create a new group.

You can then follow the instructions below:

  • In the top right, click "Manage group"
  • You will then find the tab at the top left "Information".
  • Select the option there "Extended" out.
  • To select a new group type, click the down arrow next to the option "Select group type".
  • There you have various options to choose from. Choose "Email list".

A mailing list has already been created for the corresponding group!

Google Groups makes it possible to create mailing lists quickly and free of charge.

The benefits of Google Groups

You can do a lot with Google Groups fast and easy create new mailing lists. Also, here is the use of mailing lists free. But these are not the only advantages that Google Groups can offer its users compared to its competitors:

  • Members and rights management: You can find an understandable overview of the members of a group on Google Groups. In addition, Google Groups offers extensive rights management for the mailing list. In this way, the administrator can, for example, determine individual read and write rights for individual members.
  • Mailing list archiving: E-mails are quickly lost in daily mail traffic or when cleaning up the mailbox. So that every member can see all messages again, the sent and received e-mails are archived online at Google Groups and can be viewed or searched if necessary.
  • Different answer options: As usual, you can reply to new discussions directly by email on Google Groups. In addition, however, you also have the option of answering online, as you usually know from forums. In both cases, the answer will be added to the discussion flow and will be sent to the subscribers in the form that they have previously specified in the settings.
  • No annoying popups or spam emails: Many providers, where you can create free mailing lists, annoy users with intrusive popups, layers and advertising messages. There is no such advertisement on Google Groups.

Conclusion on creating mailing lists

It always has to individually decided newsletters, forums or mailing lists are best suited for which situation. If mailing lists are the means of communication of choice, you can easily create them using Google Groups. However, different alternative providers can be named with whom one can also create mailing lists. Here everyone has to decide for themselves which of the channels offers the ideal solution.

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