How many girls play pc games

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), in cooperation with Swisscom, publishes the JAMES study every second year on questions relating to youth and the media in Switzerland.

The MIKE study also examines the media usage behavior of primary school children living in Switzerland. The KIM or JIM study carried out by the German Media Education Research Association Southwest shows some interesting figures on media use by children and adolescents in Germany, which, with reservations, also apply to Switzerland.

Games: a marginal phenomenon?

The games industry has long since overtaken the Hollywood dream factory in terms of sales. A young industry that trumps every year with even larger, more expensive productions and increasing sales. For example, the financially most successful film “Avatar” has grossed 3 billion US dollars so far. It cost $ 237 million. The most expensive film was Pirates of the Caribbean 3, at $ 341 million. In comparison: The most expensive game "Destiny" to date cost $ 500 million - of which $ 200 million in marketing costs alone. Already in the first week the sales of the game brought back this immense amount. The game “World of Warcraft” (WoW) has grossed over 10 billion dollars since its release in 2004.

The game industry continues to grow

A few years ago it was common for game manufacturers to orientate themselves on successful films and subsequently develop a game for them. Today, the inspiration for a film often comes from the other side and it is successful games that are made into a film. In the meantime, even games are often filled with stars: Famous actors and actresses lend the computer game characters their facial expressions, gestures and voices. Sometimes the whole body of an actress or actor is scanned and his or her digital image is used as a character. A good example of this is the portrayal of Oscar winner Kevin Spacey in Call of Duty. The boundaries between film and game are increasingly blending and the game industry is more successful than ever before.

Gaming is not just a hobby: the best of the professional players compete in international gaming tournaments with prize money of several million US dollars. They generate their income through prize money and sponsorship income and they lead a life like professional athletes. With thousands of spectators at (online) tournaments, it is worth doing marketing in this area as well. There are only a few professional players in Switzerland.