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Clubhouse conversion

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Hello dear Oberbruch football fans, parents and active people, we are currently converting the club home on the sports field. In the future, it should offer the opportunity to eat and drink something during or after training or to organize team parties, season-end parties or championship parties or to watch football together on Saturdays or or or.

In order to collect the necessary funds for the procurement of material and equipment, we take part in a crowdfunding campaign by Volksbank Heinsberg. For everyone who donates 5 euros, the bank also donates 5 euros.

If you would like to donate more than 5 euros, please contact Helmut Frenken beforehand. Of course, they will also receive a donation receipt. This email address is being protected from spam bots! To display JavaScript must be turned on!

We at BC 09 Oberbruch would be delighted to have your support! After Corona, we of course also invite you to the grand opening.

Hygiene measures for the BC 09 Oberbruch 😷

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This is followed by the currently applicable hygiene measures for the next home game, which must be observed urgently.

The 7-day incidence for the Heinsberg district has exceeded the limit of 58.3 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days. This means that hazard level 1 of Section 15a (II) of the Corona Protection Ordinance has been reached and was determined by a general decree from the Heinsberg district.
In the entire stadium on Carl-Diem-Str. For spectators and active players (e.g. substitutes and team officials who take their seats on the bench), the obligation to wear 😷 mouth and nose protection (regardless of the minimum distance) applies.

When entering the stadium, it is mandatory for every spectator or active person to wear a mouth and nose protection and to register there on the attendance list so that the contact persons can be traced in the event of a suspected Corona. You are also asked to disinfect your hands when entering the stadium and to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others during the entire stay in the stadium.

Bayram's Barber Shop becomes a new partner of BC 09 Oberbruch

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For almost two weeks, the BC 09 Oberbruch has had a new partner at its side, Bayram's Barber Shop, who has equipped the 1st team with new sweats. Bayram made his master's degree in 2014 and opened his first own hairdressing salon for women and men on Apfelstraße in Heinsberg in 2016. Two years later he opened a barbershop in Wassenberg, which can be found on Gladbacherstraße. His team now consists of 13 employees including his three trainees. Bayram is a point of contact for everyone and is also a specialist in beard care through its barber shop.

Finally, the 1st team would like to thank Bayram in particular for the great equipment and congratulate him on the birth of his little son.

Yeni doğan bebeğinizi tebrik eder hepinize sağlık ve mutluluk dilerim.

In the picture you can see Captain Pierre Wolf and the new sponsor Bayram handing over the new sweat.

Second finally wins another competitive game after 490 days

“It's just a great feeling to have finally scored the first three points. Even if the tragic incident, with a serious injury to a player from SG Union 94 Würm-Lindern, naturally clouded the mood a bit. At this point I would also like to wish the player all the best and a lot of strength. I'm really happy that we rewarded our mega awesome performance today, the entire team as a collective put in a very good playful performance and accepted the fight from minute one. At this point, a huge compliment to the entire team! Today I have to take out two players, which I normally don't do, because what Basti Brodermanns delivered in goal today is sensational and if you look at what Aytu Yildiz is delivering up there, it's phenomenal, his five stalls speak a clear language ", were the words of Pascal Gruner after the victory at Würm-Lindern.

The second started very well and could cause problems for Würm-Lindern. You could press your opponent in the necessary situations and such a pressing situation also resulted in the 1-0 for the OBC. When Aytu Yildiz started the defense under pressure and won the ball, he remained ice cold and cleverly completed the OBC lead. The 2: 0 shortly before half-time was then a compilation of all training units of the last few weeks, because what coach Pascal Gruner wanted was implemented, quick ball wins and then the outside danger. In the end it was again Aytu Yildiz who increased to 2-0 after a cross from captain Marcel Brodermanns.

After the change they still had chances to make 3-0 or 4-0, but these were not used by Pascal Theißen and Aytu Yildiz. Wurm-Lindern, on the other hand, used a situation of disorder in the back team of the OBC to shorten it to 1: 2. The Brookers took note of the subsequent goal, but in the end it did not upset them, so that after 100 minutes they were able to leave the place as the winners and justifiably celebrate.
The reserve is giving up the red lantern and can now use the next three weeks to prepare for the game against SC Selfkant 2.

Dirty game ends in defeat

Our OBC traveled to Viktoria from Kleingladbach on Sunday. With this constellation, it was already clear before the game that it would be a fighting game. The team was changed to three positions for the game against Rurich, with C. Kaniecki, Koob and Drevinia playing for Rosenau, Djon and Currie.

The game began promptly with a contentious situation in which the referee pointed to Justen after an alleged handball by Bock. However, our captain Wolf saved the penalty. On the difficult to play lawn, the OBC could not develop playfully and had its problems in building up the game. In the 13th minute, the referee was the focus again. A mistake in the back team of the OBC ensured that March on the side of Kleingladbach ran freely to the Oberbruch goalkeeper Wolf and there was contact. To the annoyance of all brokers, the referee pointed to the point again. The resulting penalty turned Heinen into a 1-0 lead for the home team. As if the deficit weren't enough punishment, Drevinia was injured in the 39th minute and promptly had to be replaced. At this point we wish our number 19 a speedy recovery. With this score it went into the break and the Brookers looked back on the first half.

A completely different Broeker team came out of the cabin, strong, dominant and with good actions forward, but the chances were missing. In the 56th minute, referee Justin was again the focus when he pointed to the point for the third time, but this time with the better end for the OBC. Wallrafen was kicked after a long ball in the penalty area and there was the penalty for the OBC. Our leader Recica took on the matter and converted the penalty to 1-1. Brook was now dominant and brought a strong man with Müller. There were finally opportunities for the OBC. In the minute 67, Mannz saw yellow-red on Kleingladbach's side. However, despite the numerical majority, it was not possible to achieve more. A mistake in the Broöker back team ensured that Fuchs was able to make it 2-1 in the 83rd minute. Oberbruch threw everything forward and brought Amaro and Yüksel for the last few minutes. It was all about the fight and there was still a huge chance for the OBC when Amaro ran free to the goalkeeper, but unfortunately failed. A little later, the referee whistled.

The OBC pays empty money and drives back to Brook with no points. Next week the second representative of Randerath Porselen will come to the stadium on Carl-Diem-Straße.

That was the OBC today in Kleingladbach: Wolf- C. Kaniecki (84th Amaro) -Bock- D. Kaniecki- Burger- Drevinia (39th June) - Stolz (90th Yüksel) - Skeif- Wallrafen (63rd Müller) - Recica Koob

Still in the squad: Dorp-Currie

Referee. Maverick Justen (Geilenkirchen)

Compulsory task fulfilled, nothing more!

On Sunday our OBC met Germania from Rurich, who came to the stadium on Carl-Diem-Straße as bottom of the table. Coach Stefan Horstmannshoff switched the team to three positions: Connor Currie, Leo Djon and Sandy Bock, who was again entitled to play after a yellow / red suspension, moved into the starting line-up.

The OBC had its difficulties with Rurich because they were a very difficult opponent to play on. From Rurich very little came out of the game, so it was hardly surprising that a standard had to serve to seal the leadership of the guests. Florian Syben scored directly with a free kick in the 15th minute and made it half-time.

Coach Stefan Horstmannshoff was not satisfied with the performance of his team and promptly reacted three times. It should be mentioned that Rajabu Müller celebrated his comeback and received the trust of the coach for the second 45 minutes.

The Brookers came out of the locker better and often created opportunities. However, the OBC failed either on the last pass or on the strong goalkeeper of the guests. To the delight of the fans, the time had finally come in the 67th minute when the OBC equalized after a cross from the left and an extension from Sandy Bock to Rajabu Müller, who only had to push in. Due to the equalizer, Rurich was standing K.O. and hardly showed any resistance. Therefore it took less than ten minutes before Kai Wallrafen sealed the 2-1 final score after Edi Drevinia's cross. In the 90 + 1 there was still a penalty for the OBC, but the goalkeeper of Rurich parried it sensationally, so that it remained at 2: 1 for the OBC.

Thus, the OBC, with one game less than the front runner from Wassenberg, is in third place in the table and will go to the current table fourth in Kleingladbach next week. The team would be happy about numerous support from Brook and hope to be able to celebrate a threesome with its supporters next week.

That was the OBC against Rurich:
Wolf-Skeif (80th Yüksel) -Burger-Recica-Rosenau (46th Drevinia) -Bock-Stolz-Djon (46th Dircks) -Currie (46th Müller)

Still in the roster:
Dias Dos Santos Amaro

Referee: Justin Mazurek (Geilenkirchen)

Second fights hard but is not rewarded

“We work well, are constantly developing and are on a par with our opponents. We played a very good game in Gangelt and dominated our opponents for 90 minutes. In the end, however, the decisive goal was missing. Then that week we let Bauchem and Nils Rütten pour us five goals and lose way too high with five goals conceded. The game today and last week in Gillrath show where we are still lacking in the current situation: We cannot implement our playfully good design in the last third in order to crown ourselves with the goal. We are at eye level with our opponents in every game and have not yet been able to reward ourselves for this, but I have full confidence in my boys that this will change over the next few weeks and that we can bring the first three points to Brook with us " said coach Pascal Gruner after the defeat against VfL Übach-Boscheln.

His team played a decent game, although four top performers, Sven Brodermanns, Alex Kniebel, Julien Ferreira and Tim Wallrafen, were missing, although the clipping skills of Tim Wallrafen were obviously missing on the offensive. However, the team was able to compensate for their lack and pose problems for the opponent. The first half went smoothly, the only thing worth mentioning at this point is that Übach-Boscheln tried to take the lead a few times, but found his master in Basti Brodermanns.

Pascal Gruner said to his team at halftime that they had to survive the first quarter of an hour, when the opponent is known to put a lot of pressure on. Unfortunately, that didn't work out, because in the 60th minute the guests took the lead. Boscheln was now the superior team and pressed the second goal. This came in the 79th minute. On Broeker's side, however, they didn't give up and kept fighting, because they knew they only had to hope for a small mistake by the opponent and it came in the 89th minute when Hikmet “Aytu” Yildiz made it 1: 2 . The OBC now rolled towards the equalizer, but they were denied the chance because the referee, instead of the indicated four minutes of stoppage time, whistled after two minutes.

So again there is nothing countable for our second, but you can build on the performance and get the first three next week against Wurm-Lindern.

Allianz Matthias Kremers main agency and BC 09 Oberbruch go together

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For the new season, BC 09 Oberbruch welcomed the Allianz main agency Matthias Kremers as a new partner. Matthias Kremers learned to play football at the OBC and, as a little boy, was on the pitch at every home game of the association league team. At that time he even tried to watch away games and get a place in the fan bus. Trips to Bonn to the North Sports Park in Bonn, to Düren to the venerable Westkampfbahn or to Hennef were always something special for him. He then had the honor of being able to play for the first team himself during the national league times and would be happy if the club could pick up on old times. Since he can no longer play actively for health reasons, he would now like to support the club in this way. The captain Pierre Wolf also had words of praise for the new sponsor “Anyone who knows Mattes, who knows that the OBC is his life and that black and yellow blood flows through his veins, so we are all the more pleased that we are another real broker as a partner by our side. ”The entire first team would like to thank Matthias Kremers again officially for the beautiful sweaters and hope for a successful season together with Allianz by his side.
On the photo you can see the 1st team with their new sweaters: