Which food reminds you of childhood

How did your childhood taste?

Food preferences always have a lot to do with childhood. Because nothing tastes as good as the favorite food cooked by grandma or mom. Yes, it was and is mainly the women who took care of the family's physical well-being. Even if you as an adult try to prepare exactly the same dish according to the same recipe, it just tastes different. The pinch of love that was always there is probably missing.

Every generation has its specialties

Children of the 70s can of course still remember the culinary excesses of that decade. Toast Hawaii was suddenly a hit. Or pastasciutta, as user "ad vocem" remembers:

As the offspring of health-conscious parents, homemade muesli was put on the breakfast table instead of bread and jam - it was more reminiscent of gruel without taste - now it's called porridge and will probably be served to many children again. User "Reinhold Loeckers" mother had little experience with muesli:

The knocking of the Sunday schnitzel, the smell when they are baked in the fat, and finally the taste of the crispy breading with the thin meat in between - that is pure for many childhoods. But not every generation could afford the schnitzel on Sunday. Many ate "branded dog", burnt-in potatoes, all week long, which was considered a classic poor people's food.

Poster "Artus53" knows the Vorarlberg savings option:

User "marx graut scho" remembers Kotzngschroa and Grenadiermarsch:

The culinary memories of user "madame schmeckenwasser" range from salad with peas to the first kiwifruit:

Unfamiliar dishes - a cosmopolitan feeling

Gudrun Harrer has devoted himself to the topic in the article "From burned-in dogs and pastasciutta: local food culture in transition" and writes that today the menu of at least urban Austrians is only about products and dishes that the middle-aged generation did not know in their youth , bristles. When did you eat your first shrimp, your first curry, when did you learn that Chinese cuisine is not just about eight treasures? Poster "Pedro Ximenes" felt urbane while eating the first "Curry":

Your childhood memories?

What did you have on the table? What is still one of your favorite foods - which food was already an overcoming back then? What was your first exotic eating experience? (haju, August 10, 2018)