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Electrolytes - Everything You Need To Know

Electrolytes are essential to life and play an essential role in regulating your water balance and metabolism. Do you train hard? Then electrolytes are particularly important for you. Especially as an endurance athlete, you always have to make sure that your electrolyte stores are regularly replenished. We'll explain why and show you everything else you need to know.

Electrolytes Definition: What Are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are salts, bases and acids. Minerals that, when dissolved in a liquid, such as blood, can conduct electrical charges. The positively charged particles are called cations. The cations include, for example, sodium. Chloride, for example, is one of the negatively charged anions. Electrolytes in the blood are in an electrolyte balance.

Electrolytes help with that in the human body Regulation of nerves- and Muscle function as well as the Acid-base and water balance. Electrolytes cannot be produced by yourself and must therefore be taken in with your daily diet.

The following electrolytes in particular play a crucial role in the human body:


contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, the muscle function and the maintenance of the nervous system.

DGE recommendation for adults: 4000 mg / day.


is the main antagonist of potassium. While sodium increases blood pressure, potassium ensures that your blood pressure is lowered. The sodium-potassium ratio of your daily food is all the more important.

DGE recommendation for adults: 500 mg / day.


contributes, among other things, to normal muscle function and normal energy metabolism.

DGE recommendation for adults: 1000 mg / day.


contributes to the electrolyte balance and normal energy metabolism.

DGE recommendation for adults: 300 mg / day.


Together with sodium, it regulates the flow of substances and water between the cells and is therefore important for various transport processes.

DGE recommendation for adults: 2300 mg / day.


contributes to normal energy metabolism and normal function of the cell membrane.

DGE recommendation for adults: 700 mg / day.

Electrolyte foods

The following is an exemplary list of foods that contain electrolytes:

  • Apricots
  • egg
  • peanuts
  • Green vegetables
  • poultry
  • cheese
  • Table salt
  • Almonds
  • seafood
  • milk
  • Peaches
  • Raisins
  • Sunflower seeds

Electrolyte effect

Electrolytes are essential for various metabolic processes. Among other things, they regulate the electrical voltage of the outer cell walls. How it works? The electrolytes are present in different amounts inside and outside the cells. This creates tension on the cell walls, which among other things is responsible for the Transmission of nerve impulses necessary is.

In addition, your body needs enough electrolytes to control the water balance. This is important because da body consists of 60% water. Your water balance is therefore the basis for all life processes.

You need electrolytes for the following functions, among others:

Electrolytes & Exercise - That's Why They Are Important

Do you train hard and love strenuous workouts? Then you should pay particular attention to your electrolyte balance. Because when you sweat, your body loses not only water but also important minerals. This can lead to a decline in performance if you do not take adequate precautions.

Especially if you are training your endurance and running regularly Electrolyte drinks therefore particularly helpful.

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Lack of electrolytes

Electrolyte deficiency can have different reasons. Illnesses and disorders in the body can lead to a deficiency in the number of electrolytes. Here we speak of an absolute lack of electrolytes. However, a deficiency can also exist in relative terms. This is usually the case when there is a loss of fluid. A loss of fluid can result from doing a lot of sport, for example. If you sweat more, you lose more water and thus also the electrolytes that are dissolved in it.

A deficiency can have many symptoms. These include high blood pressure, nausea and concentration problems.

Buy electrolytes - powder, tablets or drink?

There are many ways to get electrolyte power during a run or hard workout. You decide which shape is best for you. Depending on your own preference, there are electrolyte powders, tablets or drinks.

Our Endurance Drink, for example, comes as a practical powder that you can easily mix before your run. In this way, you can also absorb fluids and are well prepared for a strenuous endurance session.

Electrolytes For Hangover - Does It Really Help?

There is actually something to it: alcohol dehydrates your body. And thus also electrolytes. So if you get enough electrolytes, you can prevent a nasty hangover.

Basically, of course, alcohol in large quantities is poison for your body and has a strong influence on your performance in training. Enjoying every now and then is fine. Nevertheless, as with everything, the motto should always be: Only in moderation.

Our conclusion

Electrolytes can only be ingested through food and are vital for us. Especially in the Endurance sports you should pay attention to your electrolyte intake, because when you sweat your body loses not only water but also important minerals. With an electrolyte drink you can always provide electrolyte power during a run. In addition, you should always pay attention to a balanced and healthy diet - this will ensure that you are getting enough electrolytes.

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