How do I recover my SBCGLOBAL password

How to Fix Yahoo or AT&T Error 652314

The error code ‘652314‘Occurs when a user tries to access a Yahoo or AT&T email address that is either merged or single. In addition, there are also cases when many people encounter this error when they are unable to change the account password.

The reason this only occurs in shared accounts is because there are Linking technical details not set correctly, and even if a user has disconnected their account from one of the companies, they may still be directed to that account to change their password.

How do I fix the error code: 652314?

As mentioned earlier, most of the time this error occurs when a user tries to access an account but cannot get access. Instead, the error message is displayed. If you are in the process of unlinking your account from the company (AT&T or Yahoo), you should wait for the process to complete before trying again.

If you don't have a merge problem, you can proceed with the solutions below. Make sure you have the latest email information so that you can enter it if necessary.

Solution 1: Access via security issues

The first thing you should try is to regain access to your account by entering the required account information to reset the password or using other registered email to access it (if it has been added as a recovery account). In the steps below, you can open the security questions to regain access to the account from AT&T.

  1. Open the official AT&T website and click Log in.
  2. Now click on Forgot user ID or password.
  1. Now select the appropriate option ‘I've forgotten my password‘And enter your sbcglobal email address, which you normally use to log in.
  2. Now complete the recovery process and after entering the basic recovery answers, log into your account again after getting the password.

AT&T and Yahoo are one of the few that have implemented this approach.

Make sure it is you to solve this type of problem enter

Solution three: check the server status

Official AT&T developers have recognized this problem in appropriate forums and according to this information:

Our members are unable to sign in after multiple attempts and some are directed to Yahoo pages to sign in. This is a known issue and our network teams are working to correct it!

Since this problem is in the backend, all you can do is try to reset the email address. If you are having trouble signing in with your Yahoo account and it is merging with AT&T, here is what you need to do Reset your AT&T email address.

The new password is your Yahoo password. After resetting the password, clear the cache and cookies before proceeding with the login.

Solution 4: use a dummy account in Yahoo

If the error message persists even after trying all of the above solutions, we will try adding a dummy account with Yahoo and then using it to log into the sbcglobal account. This is a long way to go, but it works for multiple users.

  1. Go to yahoo and Set up a new email address (You can use Gmail, Live, etc.). When asked, add another account This is the sbcglobal account that you will not be able to sign in to.
  1. Now try signing back into your sbcglobal account and Yahoo will send an email to your Gmail account (if you added it before) whether you try to sign in or not.
  2. Use this mechanism to open recovery and you will be able to access your sbcglobal account in no time.

Solution 5: Contacting support

If the problem still cannot be resolved, your best bet is to contact AT&T and Yahoo support as they will have control of your account. After checking, the problem can possibly be fixed for you in the backend.

Beware of scamming websites with phone numbers that may direct you to purchase the email security feature. Yahoo and AT&T do not charge any fees for providing assistance in this matter.