How many puppies does a Rottweiler have

Health and care

While the keeping and upbringing of this special dog breed are not entirely unproblematic and at least represent a challenge, the physical care of the Rottweiler is associated with very little effort. The short coat rarely needs to be brushed and only needs a regular massage with rubber studded gloves when the coat is changed.

As with any other breed of dog, nutritional needs differ depending on age, activity level and state of health. You can read about exactly what you have to pay attention to in our article on the diet of the Rottweiler. In the zooplus shop you will also find dog food especially for Rottweilers.

The robust and muscular Rottweiler is also quite resistant to diseases. Like many other dogs of his size and weight, however, Rottweilers also show a certain susceptibility to elbow and hip dysplasia (ED / HD). The ADRK therefore provides for an X-ray examination as part of the breeding suitability test, which reveals the genetic disposition for such a joint disease. Heart diseases, such as a constriction of the heart, have also been increasingly diagnosed in Rottweilers in recent years.

In general, the risk of illness - just like us humans - can be minimized with the right diet and a balanced exercise program. Rottweilers in particular, which are not kept as service dogs but as purely family dogs, need physical and mental activity. Obedience, tracking or agility are ideal. For the Rottweiler himself, who also likes to go jogging with his owner from time to time, the running route does not necessarily ensure satisfaction, but rather the completion of a task. Exercising together also makes a decisive contribution to a good human-dog relationship.

People who have enough desire and time to devote themselves to this challenging breed, who give it a confident and consistent upbringing, offer it a close family connection and a comprehensive physical and mental task, will ultimately have a dog by their side in the Rottweiler, who not only protects them, but who is above all a reliable, kind and gentle friend. A dog that is simply "stunning" not just because of its strength.