What caused your most intense orgasm ever

From OH to OHHH: 5 tips to make orgasm even better

Good, better, best - pleasure can be increased up to a certain point. The climax. After that, it can only get worse. However, there are gradations in the intensity of the big Oh.

With a few simple techniques, you can make your orgasm stronger, if not lengthened or accelerated. It doesn't matter whether you are having fun alone or with your partner.

The highlight: You need for a more intense orgasm no additional aids.Sextoys can always be helpful, but are not a must.

How do you get the most intense?

The secret to getting better lies in yourself. Often, targeted muscle contraction is enough for a stronger orgasm. This is why pelvic floor training is so important.

Your own psyche should also not be underestimated. This not only includes letting go and relaxing, but above all personal sex fantasies. There are no taboos here. The thoughts are free and can inspire you to a better orgasm.

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The best time for an intense orgasm is about your ovulation, by the way. In the first two days in particular, the testosterone level is so high that it is easier for many women to come during this time.

More tips for a climax that has washed up can be found here:

1. Better orgasm with a full bladder

Not a myth: a full bladder increases the pressure inside, so that the friction is felt more intensely during sex. You will orgasm faster and stronger.

A filled bladder pressing on nerves in the pelvic region can lead to sex dreams even at night. And makes sure that you feel like having sex in the morning before you go to the bathroom for the first time.

Important: The bladder should never be overfilled. This causes pain and can be a real pleasure killer. Also, remember to empty your bladder after sex to reduce the risk of cystitis.

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2. Better orgasm through stronger stimulation

Most likely do it intuitively: increase the pressure at the climax. This is best done manually if you rub the clitoris a little harder while masturbating as soon as the orgasm is announced. Of course, you can also do this during sex to make your orgasm more intense.

If you are using a sex toy, you can now shift up a gear. By changing or accelerating the vibration mode, a new stimulus is created that can further expand the climax.

Tip: Even if you notice that the orgasm is slowly fading away, it may be worthwhile to lend a hand. The orgasm usually lasts a while longer through powerful, circular movements over the clitoris and inner labia.

3. Better orgasm with targeted tension

Basically, the orgasm is one huge muscle spasm. If you want the orgasm to get even better, you can tense all other muscles.

Clench your fist, grip your fingers in the pillow, stretch your legs or pull your toes. Preferably everything at the same time. You will perceive the pressure wave inside you much more intensely than usual. Promised.

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4. Better orgasm with your mouth open

We tense some muscles, we loosen the others. We're talking about our jaw muscles. Open your mouth a finger's width apart, breathe out deeply and let your vocal cords ring when you feel the orgasm rolling in.

This will help you relax and focus fully on the overwhelming feeling. With a groan you also show your partner your desire, so that you can heat him or her up additionally.

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5. Better orgasm through head cinema

Never underestimate your mind when it comes to eroticism and pleasure! Not only can your mental cinema help you get an orgasm in the first place, but it is also useful when it comes to keeping the climax and coming more intensely.

Always remember: No matter how "dirty" or "dirty" your sex fantasy is, you don’t have to be ashamed of anything. And you don't owe anyone an explanation.

If the thought of an RPG turns you on, so be it. Change your appearance and your outfit in your head and enjoy how this makes the orgasm better.

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