Are cheap lipsticks harmful to our lips?

Which makeup products you can save on and where you should spend more

Good makeup is expensive. Anyone who has ever strayed upstairs in the perfumery knows that. There are luxury brands that sell lipsticks for 50 to 100 euros, while they can be had in the drugstore for 5.99 euros. But how much is the luxury surcharge and where is there a real difference in quality??

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With these make-up products, you can confidently choose the cheap brand

Mascara has a very short life expectancy. It should be renewed every few months, otherwise it will dry out and bacteria will collect in it. That is why you should use cheap versions solely for reasons of economy. However, these can always keep up with the luxury mascaras in terms of performance. It is important here to find the right brush shape that gives your eyelashes the best curl. Try it yourself!

tip: If you like the brush shape of an expensive mascara, keep it, wash it off, and use it with a cheaper product.

Lip gloss only has one job: to make your lips shine. Often they are applied over normal lipstick. Most cheap versions of lip gloss do the job just as well as the expensive version. Especially if they are not worn directly on the lips, you don't have to worry too much about quality here. Everything that glitters is okay!

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Even the most expensive nail polish will chip at the tips and will have to be renewed after a while. There are now many nail polishes from cheap brands that cover just as well and offer a wide variety of colors. Paying 30 euros for a bottle of nail polish is definitely not necessary.

If your lips are not too sensitive, you can also find great lipsticks in the cheap section. Above all, the composition of matt versions is getting better and better, so that drugstore brands can often keep up with the luxury versions. Of course, there are also bad cheap lipsticks, but a lipstick just can't be worth 50 to 100 euros. With cheaper products, it is also not a problem if you try it out a little. Nothing hurts more than an expensive lipstick that doesn't fit you after all and that collects dust in the make-up drawer.

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With these make-up products, you should focus on quality

Foundation is applied directly to the skin and remains there all day. You should make sure that the foundation is suitable for your skin type and the color of your complexion. It is often a good idea to get advice from an expert in the perfumery about which color and thickness is best for you. In the drugstore it is also relatively difficult to choose the right color for your skin, as the foundations should only be tested on the back of the hand for reasons of hygiene. However, this is not the same color as the face. Once you have found the perfect foundation, it makes perfect sense to spend more money so as not to damage the skin and to guarantee a natural look.

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Inexpensive eyeshadow can be a big disappointment. The color looks great in the packaging, but if you apply it with a brush, any pigmentation disappears. More expensive eyeshadows usually have more pigmentation and therefore look more intense. With these quality eyeshadows, you also use less of the product, as you don't have to apply several layers until the color finally appears. There are some eyeshadow palettes that have been praised and used by many makeup gurus that you definitely can't go wrong with. However, these are usually only available from 40 euros.

Ideally, powder should also mattify the face, i.e. remove shiny areas and create a little light reflection so that the face does not look dry and bland. Creating this ambivalent finish often requires a more expensive product, but one that is worth it. A cheap powder can also put a lot into the wrinkles and accentuate them unfavorably.

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