How can I identify happiness

Recognize happiness

To experience happiness means to know yourself. Happiness can be friends or family, a good job, a fulfilling life. Those who are at peace with themselves are more satisfied and therefore happier. Because satisfaction is also a state that is related to one's own personal feeling of happiness. However, whoever knows what he wants will not get it right away. Especially not when it comes to material and health issues. There are people who find their happiness factor in religion and spirituality. These people not only see an opportunity in every little daily happiness, but also see an opportunity for something positive in unhappiness. Finding the right amount is part of being happy. You should appreciate the good and above all you should take the time to enjoy it.

Another source is seen in gratitude. One should be aware that something might turn out less well and appreciate what one has. Be grateful and give away happiness The daily monotony often blocks the view of happiness. To get out of this rut, you should leave the beaten track, learn and do new things and thus bring variety into your own life. Here, too, feelings of happiness arise when you have achieved something. We humans are social beings. We are meant to be with others, to laugh or talk to them, all of which make us happy. Researchers found that children laughed up to 40 times a day. Adults only rarely, sometimes not at all. In this way we can have an experience from the children that is a source of happiness. In addition, you experience happiness when you give it away.