Why do you hate communists and communism

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"Dear Karl,

202 years ago you saw the light of day in your parents' house in Trier. You learned to walk and speak and a short time later you had your high school diploma in your pocket - so it was time for you to go out into the world. During your studies in Bonn and Berlin you had all sorts of nonsense in your head and yet you dealt with literature, politics and history from an early age.

Despite your completed dissertation on the “difference between democratic and Epicurean natural philosophy” at the University of Jena, you were not offered a professorship due to your political convictions. Instead, you expressed your political point of view in the Rheinische Zeitung. But the Rheinische Zeitung was ultimately also subject to censorship by the Prussian state.

With your newly wedded wife Jenny, you moved to Paris at the age of 25 to face completely new challenges. You intensified your studies on economics and socialism and, together with your close friend Friedrich Engels, criticized capitalist society. Together from London you founded the Communist League and that Communist Party Manifesto written, which met the ravages of time with its publication in the year of the revolution in 1848. The Communist manifesto is still unforgettable 170 years later. Today we call your theories and ideas about communism “Marxism”.

The revolutions and political changes across Europe have had a strong impact on you and your life too. After Brussels, Paris and Cologne, I finally went back to London. Always part of the party: your family and Friedrich Engels. As a foreign correspondent for the New York Tribune, you mainly reported on the political and economic situation in Europe. Whether through your writings for Criticism of the political economy and The capital or through your leading role in the International Workers' Association - you have never stopped being politically active. In addition, you were always in direct contact with the founders of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and actively supported them.

You were part of this world for 64 years. You have had happy years, but also some less happy years. But you have never lost sight of your ideals and beliefs.

We want to toast you today. May we also remember you and your work for the next 202 years. With this in mind, we wish you all the best and our warmest congratulations! "