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The green kitchen - how to bring sustainability into the kitchen

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Take on a little ecological responsibility - we'll tell you what you can do and where you can rethink.

The green wave has now also reached our kitchens. It is not enough to just eat organically and sustainably, you should also live it in the kitchen. Get to grips with the green topic, we will reveal a few little tips on how you can present your kitchen in a more environmentally friendly way.

Pay attention to the materials

Use wooden cutting boards instead of plastic ones and do without paper napkins and use those made of fabric. One small step - one big effect. In addition, wooden boards in the kitchen look much nicer than the colored plastic alternatives. And an improvised, quickly set table is given a special boost by fabric napkins. So they have already solved this point in a sustainable and elegant way.

Go shopping without packaging

If you can, buy your groceries in supermarkets that are weighed up. Many cities have already taken up this trend. This way you can decorate your food like rice, pasta, sugar and nuts much nicer. Fill your food into glass containers of the same size and place them open on the kitchen shelf. You will see how beautiful they look and you will immediately set a "public sign".

Turn to the stove

Forget about frozen pizza and fast food! And only if you don't have time do you order something to eat at home, but then of course from the organic restaurant and not from Mac D. Otherwise it is a wonderfully relaxed affair to cook for yourself in the evening. And look for recipes for quick or easy dishes on the Internet. It doesn't always have to be the monster menu. In addition, when we buy our ingredients ourselves, we know what we are cooking and so we can safely eat healthily. And if you don't feel like cooking on your own, invite friends over and everything will be more fun. And make sure you always cook a little more, then you can leave the wooden spoon in the drawer the next day.

Grow herbs yourself

You will be amazed at what is growing and flourishing on your balcony or on the windowsill. Basil, rosary, mint or sage. Start growing your favorite herbs yourself. How many plastic pots of the fresh chives have you actually disposed of? Countless ... we know that. Or you buy small portions in plastic packaging that are either insufficient or have wilted before you have overcooked them. Fresh herbs and spices are the be-all and end-all when cooking, they put the finishing touches and you always need them. So get the greenery in the kitchen or on the balcony, you will see how good it tastes when you know it is home grown.

Tap water?

At this point, a lot of plastic needs to be saved. Have you ever asked yourself how many plastic bottles you and your loved ones drink empty in a month? You can definitely save here. Take the water out of the tap and spice it up with mint, lemon, or a few other fruits. You save yourself shopping and lugging the bottles, the environmentally harmful transport of water bottles can be reduced and plastic production also throws a spanner in the works. So much ecological use with so little effort - it's worth considering! In addition, it looks incredibly beautiful, such a water carafe with ginger and lemon wedges, you save yourself the table decoration.

Waste separation

There are now three trash cans integrated in the kitchen's garbage drawer. Organic, plastic and residual waste. If this device is not automatically available to you, then create your own separation system. In any case, you should put the three trash cans together. That makes handling easier.

More vegetables less meat?

Meat consumption consumes a lot of resources. Don't worry, you don't have to become a vegetarian now. But maybe you can be a little more sensitive to meat consumption. For example, if you order a regular organic vegetable crate, you will get a lot of vegetables with little meat and not the other way around. Or you can leave out the meat entirely and cook vegetables with vegetables and simply leave out the meat. The social media network is overflowing with great meatless recipes that are also incredibly delicious! And the next time you buy a refrigerator, make sure that it includes a vegetable drawer.

Fruit presentation

Healthy things, in our case it's about the fruit, should be taken to heart as often as possible. Outsmart yourself! Place your fruit in a nice bowl in such a way that you have to walk by yours all the time. In this way, healthy fruit finds buyers faster than if it first had to be looked for in the pantry. A little tip: put the apples in an extra bowl, because they emit a gas (methylene) that makes other fruits ripen faster.