What worried you the most before prom?

Translation of "the prom queen" in english

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I have troubling memories of the campaign for the prom queen.
That was probably my plans for the prom queen.

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The king and the Queen of Prom.
Say that Prom queen, I'm not in the game.
Mommy's little helper ... and Prom queen.
Your classmates nominated you for Prom queenbecause they were inspired by you.
Honey, people nominated you for Prom Queen because you inspire then.
The sun hasn't even set and I look like one Prom- queen at the parade of embarrassment.
Look, the sun hasn't set. I feel like a prom queen doing the walk of shame.
Better vote for me than Prom queen. Come on!
At the Prom would you be the Queen.
All of your high school pals have gathered for the formal dance and also desperate for that Prom King and the Queen Announcements.
All your high school mates have gathered for the formal dance and also desperately waiting for the prom king and queen announcements.
And now applause for your king and yours queen from Prom 1991,
Now, it's time to give it up for your 1991 prom king and queen,
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