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Enable Instagram notifications: this is how it works


You can follow as many accounts as you like on Instagram, but some accounts are probably more important to you than others. If you also want to be informed about new posts outside of the app, this can be easily done using the settings.

Post notifications let you know when an Instagram account publishes new content.

Post notifications let you know immediately when an Instagram account publishes new content. In this way, you will always see the new posts on the subscribed page - but only in the app. Take Instagram notifications a step further. If you activate the function, you will receive a push notification when users post something that interests you particularly.

Instagram: Activate notifications in a few simple steps

To be notified when a specific account posts new content on Instagram, follow these steps:
  1. First open your profile in the app. To do this, tap your picture below.
  2. Here you tap on "Subscribed" and search for the user for whom you want to activate the Instagram notifications.
  3. At the top right next to the photo, tap on the small menu icon with the three dots.
  4. Then select “Manage Post Notifications”.
  5. You can now set the actions for which you want to receive notifications. You can enable them for Posts, Stories, IGTV, and Live Videos.
From now on you will be informed of all new posts on the account, even if you are not currently on Instagram. Proceed in exactly the same way to deactivate the post notifications again.
And good to know: The account does not know about this if you activate or deactivate post notifications.

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