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Lots of favorite songs: Stevie Wonder is 70 years old

Stevie Wonder

Today's birthday boy Stevie Wonder wrote and recorded loads of favorite songs. Today Wonder is 70 years old and his recording career is a little shorter. The singer and musician, who plays almost all instruments, was only twelve years old when his name was first featured on an album cover. Back then as "Little" Stevie Wonder. Not yet on the microphone, but on the percussion and the instruments that should shape his trademark sound - the harmonica and everything that has a keyboard. A year later he had his first number one hit, “Fingertips”, which was still mainly instrumental. On our track of the day "I Was Made To Love Her" from 1967 he was out of his voice and had also landed several hits as a singer. The album from which the piece takes its name is Wonder's seventh full-length player. Normal - after all, he's already 17 years old.

"I Was Made To Love Her" is not just a fabulous song that should be followed by tons of favorite songs in Wonder's career. It's also an obscure bone of contention when it comes to instrumentation. James Jamerson is officially on bass. He was part of the rhythm section of the Motown house band The Funk Brothers and a frequent musician of Stevie Wonder. However, Wrecking Crew bassist Carol Kaye insists on having recorded the bassline. Good arguments speak for both sides; Jamerson can no longer be asked about this, he died in 1983. But that's only marginally - because music is still more important than bookkeeping and credit allocation in music. A wonderful bassline in one of countless wonderful songs by one of the most formative funk, soul and pop musicians.

Stevie Wonder was born on May 13, 1950 and is now 70 years old. The song "I Was Made To Love Her" on his album of the same name is our track of the day today. Hear and watch it here:

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