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Celebrities with ADHD: They did it

Bundle of energy or fidgety philippines - high flyers or failures. The line is crossed quickly, especially when ADHD is involved. These celebrities have known about their attention disorder. For some it fits this way of working exactly, like for Devid Striesow.

Devid Striesow thinks that acting is the perfect job for himself. "My way of working corresponds to the rhythm of filming or that of the theater," he told the "Zeitmagazin". "Even in the deepest down state between two and three in the morning, I can crank up and get a role emotionally."

"Intuitively landed at acting"

Striesow (42) has an attention deficit disorder with simultaneous hyperactivity (ADHD). "I ended up in acting intuitively because I am who I am. That's why I never noticed ADHD as a shortcoming, it wasn't there in my perception," he said. "I am a dreamer type who often switches away internally, has a certain physical restlessness."

In Germany, celebrities rarely acknowledge ADHD

The acting profession was his salvation: "As a goldsmith or a teacher, I would never have made it," said Striesow in an interview. Even as an actor, however, it is difficult for him not to be allowed to be how he feels, for example to be afraid and not be allowed to broadcast it. "I block quickly, for example, if a director doesn't trust me, then I can no longer - if someone shows me that he thinks I shit, rejects me and distrusts me," explained Striesow. "In the past, at the very beginning, I went through hell in moments like this."

It is not the case that the celebrity world in the USA consists only of people with ADHD / ADD, in Germany, however, much less well-known people confess to the disease.

Get the best out of the blemish

On the one hand, the attention disorder is still considered a flaw, and on the other hand, pharmaceutical companies in the USA, in contrast to Germany, are allowed to advertise their drugs with affected celebrities, including ADHD drugs. The adhspedia.de portal introduces a number of personalities.

If you succeed in spite of or with ADHD, then you can reflect and analyze what, as a child, often made your own life and that of your parents hell. These celebrities succeeded:

Adam Levine is a figurehead in the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to ADHD. (Source: imago / future-image)

One of the drug companies' advertisers is Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine. He said of his ADHD diagnosis, "ADHD can be complicated. As a kid, I didn't really know what was wrong with me. As an adult, I learned to accept my symptoms If young adults assume that their ADHD symptoms will soon subside - yes, it can be. On the other hand, one shouldn't be too embarrassed to see a doctor if the symptoms persist and cause problems. "

The rapper Will.I.Am takes the diagnosis with humor. (Source: imago / upi-photo)

Others take ADHD with humor, like rapper Will.I.Am. He informed about his illness in this funny way: "I have ADHD. I admit it. Have you also heard of the argument between the elephant and the gorilla? Sorry, that was my ADHD again. While I try to focus on something To concentrate, I have all this stuff in my head at the same time and I can't slow things down or just stop. But that's fine because I can handle it ".

Christopher Lauer even discovered benefits in ADHD. (Source: dpa)

German celebrities, however, rarely acknowledge an ADHD diagnosis. The German politician Christopher Lauer is an exception. In 2012 he confessed to his ADHD diagnosis in various places, including on the talk show Markus Lanz and on his private homepage. He was diagnosed with ADHD in 2011 as an adult.

Highlight positive aspects

If necessary, he also takes medication. He even sees an advantage in the disposition. It turned out that his ADHD enabled him to process stimuli more associatively and to be able to draw conclusions more quickly. Again and again, Lauer asks those affected to deal more with the positive aspects of ADHD.

The author Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre occasionally fought the exaggeration with alcohol and drugs. (Source: dpa)
The writer Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre said in an interview in 2004: "From childhood I was so naturally exaggerated. In the past I couldn't even go to the cinema without my legs starting to tickle, I couldn't sit still. I often only drank so that I could finally calm down, and drugs also had this calming effect on me, strangely enough. When I was completely relaxed and found peace, many people thought they'd met me sober for the first time. "

Merciless Thoughts About the ADHD Diagnosis

The youngest in the club is the German author and poetry slammer Kathrin Weßling. It wasn't until 2016 that she announced her diagnosis of ADHD. She relentlessly reflects the disease openly. Many of those affected can be found in their report.

The author Kathrin Weßling was happy about the diagnosis. (Source: dpa)

She explained in her blog that the diagnosis and the associated treatment options were a great relief for her: "I can't sit still and neither can my head. (...) And I could go on writing for a long time - about What it feels like to have a power line in your head. To think all the time and never be able to stop. To get lost in your own head, to be overwhelmed with small things, but to be able to solve absurdly complex things at the same time. That's how I've been since I have And at some point a few months ago I would have loved to just hit my head against a wall, just wanted peace and quiet, but couldn't find any. "

Commitment to the controversial Ritalin

In her report, the 30-year-old also admits that she is taking the much-maligned drug Ritalin: "After very painful months and some not very pleasant attempts to relieve myself, I finally got tested. And for ADHD ( ...). I am now gradually learning why all these things are the way they are. Why ADHD is recognized so late in women, why, if left untreated, it leads to depression, addictions and all sorts of other things. How a life can work with it . But also very slowly, little by little, how my life can work with it. (...) For half of my life I have been looking for an explanation for the reasons why I feel how I feel. Why my mind works the way it does. I have now arrived and yes, I am taking Ritalin. And for the first time it allows me to feel something like calm. I can suddenly sleep. And read for hours. I have again Momen te where my life feels like one. "

Strict rules - clear structures

Clear rules, systems and order often help people with ADHD to get their lives under control.

Justin Timberlake is also known to have ADHD and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Everything in his refrigerator has to be organized according to a precise system. He's addicted to the electrifying kick that performing live gives him. Even with his appearances, every little thing is planned. (Source: Reuters)

Some people affected see it as a blessing to be able to do and perceive many things at the same time. All mixed up, nothing finished - parents of ADHD children see this as the bane of the disease.

The "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart revealed the diagnosis of ADHD on a US talk show. The question was actually whether she would rather play acoustic or electric guitar. Her answer: "Both. I have ADHD, that's why I'm an actress." (Source: Reuters)

Perhaps those affected are in particularly good hands in the music and film industry. Perhaps they can turn their disposition into creative energy in certain niches.

The diagnosis of ADHD doesn't seem to spoil the mood of actor Will Smith. (Source: imago / apress)

Solange Knowles - she refused to admit the first diagnosis. (Source: imago / upi-photo)

Solange Knowles, Beyoncé's sister, told the music magazine Bang: "I've been diagnosed with ADD twice. I didn't believe the first doctor and theorized that ADD was just something they invented to cash in on medication. But the second doctor also said I had it. I guess I didn't want to admit it. But now I understand exactly what it is. The symptoms can apply to anyone in the film industry - memory loss and starting something and not finishing it. "

Highly paid and showered with prizes: singer Britney Spears. Her private life and her career are shaped by ups and downs. Her problem is that she cannot concentrate for long. She has to take breaks. (Source: imago / upi-photo)

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