What is the main role of chitin

Trivia quiz

Answer No. 4

1. Which grain is most commonly used for brewing beer? - barley

2. Which three major crops came to Europe from America? - potatoes, corn, tomatoes

3. Which is harder: diamond or granite? - diamond

4. How can you tell with the naked eye that the earth is not flat? - horizon

5. What do you call trees that have been kept small in years of work? - bonsai

6. What kind of galaxy is our Milky Way? - spiral galaxy

7. Which Japanese cities were atomic bombs dropped on? - Hiroshima and Nagasaki

8. What is the name of the London borough after which the zero meridian is named? - Greenwich

9. Who was President of the United States before Bill Clinton? - George Bush

10. Where and when did the first Winter Olympics take place? - 1924 in Charmonix

11. What is the body structure of beetles and crabs made of? - chitin

12. What was Sri Lanka called earlier? - Ceylon

13. What is the unit of measurement for noise? (3 solutions) - Decibel or Phon or Sone

14. What do you call a castrated male horse? - Gelding

15. Which is the most species-rich animal species? -- Insects

16. What do you call the liquid rock in the interior of the earth? - magma

17. Which beans are meat substitutes made from? - soy

18. Who plays the lead in the movie "Tootsie"? - Dustin Hoffmann

19. What two words does the Bible begin with? -- "At the beginning"

20. Which metal is protected from corrosion by "anodizing"? - aluminum