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Why Hawkeye hasn't gotten a solo film yet

Hawkeye is civil as Clint Barton. He was originally one of the bad guys in the 1964 comic, but a year later he switched sides and joined the Avengers team. Hawkeye has been an integral part of the Marvel Comics Universe ever since, and has been in Thormade a brief appearance, part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) since phase 1. He then played a bigger role inThe Avengersallocated, which is then inAvengers: Age of Ultronexpanded so that it was inCaptain America: Civil War was promoted to a definite, permanent part.

While Hawkeye grew in prominence from film to film, most of the other Avengers members received their own adaptations. The actor Jeremy Renner, who embodies Hawkeye, is not lacking in action experience: He has already played inThe Bourne Legacy (2012) with.

Renner has been with Marvel for a while, but with his role inThe Avengerswas he not satisfied, as he had publicly announced. This was particularly due to the fact that he is under Loki's custody for most of the film and is therefore completely underutilized as a character. But with Hawkeye's rise in importance and indispensable role in the Avengers team, Renner became more comfortable with his character over the years. According to Reddit, he wouldn't be averse if Marvel were interested in starting a solo film about Hawkeye.

The superhero experienced some sort of rebirth in Marvel Comics from 2012 to 2015 when writer Matt Fraction started a solo story about the character. The comic wasn't successful because Hawkeye was portrayed as the superhero he actually is. Instead, Fraction focused on the civilian life of Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, in his New York City apartment. Among other things, Barton tried to help out his neighbors, often hanging out with his close friend Kate Bishop and confronting a group of Russian gangsters, the "Tracksuit Draculas", who wanted the neighborhood under their control. These storylines might have been well received in the comics, but as Marvel blockbusters they would be unsuitable, which would explain why Hawkeye hasn't gotten a solo movie yet.

In addition, in the MCU - that is, in the film adaptations of the Avengers - Hawkeye is portrayed as a "normal guy": He leads a fairly balanced life with his wife and children on a small farm. That of course also defines his character and makes him popular as Hawkeye and a member of the Avengers. But Marvel can't turn a "normal guy" into a blockbuster.

Back to the comics, Hawkeye has been an integral part of it for decades and has been part of fantastic stories and adventures. But compared to other Marvel comic adaptations that don't always stick to their templates, it would be difficult to stay true to these particular storylines. That would be a paraphrase of his character and background as in the case of Captain America: Civil War desire.

Another reason why a Hawkeye solo film is still a long way off could be the seemingly endless list of future solo films about other, more significant Marvel superheroes. Fans are already begging for another Hulk movie and a Black Widow spin-off. WithGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, Black PantherCaptain Marveland other Avengers films, the film studio still has a lot to do.

Last but not least, Hawkeye's skills may also be to blame for the archer's not yet receiving a solo film: Compared to tech-savvy heroes like Tony Stark or mythical god figures like Thor, Hawkeye's bow and arrow may not arouse enough interest in Marvel's eyes the audience.

Also, at least in the comic book universe, Hawkeye has no real archenemy. Although he has fought many different enemies in the Marvel Comics, he can't really call an opponent his own, which naturally stands in the way of a Marvel solo film. In addition, in the MCU version of the character, Hawkeye is strongly connected to Black Widow, as both are close friends. So it would be a shame if she didn't appear in a solo film - and would it still be a solo film?

Hawkeye didn't become popular because he performed alone. Especially in the comics, the superhero is characterized by his ideas and his commitment to the team. That not only makes himself more interesting, but the Avengers as well. So the question remains whether one would even want to see Clint Barton alone on the big screen for about 2 hours.

The last alternative is to introduce another Hawkeye to the comic book company: Kate Bishop. In the comics about the younger Avengers, she slipped into the role of Hawkeye and became a protégé and close confidante of Clint Barton. A major disadvantage, however, is that it is not yet well known and Marvel has only recently started to work, as exemplified by Captain Marvel is to be seen bringing female main characters more into shape.

But: What is not can still come. The new year is just around the corner and a whole new universe is opening up.

Source: Looper