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John Williams

John Williams was born in Texas in 1922. Despite his talents, he dropped out of college and worked as a journalist for a year. In 1942 he became a member of the Army Air Corps and spent the war in Burma and India. During this time he wrote the first version of his first novel, which was later published by a small publisher. Williams received his Masters from the University of Denver. In 1954 he returned to this university as a lecturer and taught there until his retirement in 1985. Under his aegis, the Creative Writing course became one of the first and most renowned in the country. Williams has published two volumes of poetry and four novels, one of which, "Augustus," won the National Book Award. His most famous novel, however, was "Stoner", which survived as an insider tip until it suddenly caused a sensation in Europe in the 21st century. John Williams died in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1994.
5 books

John Williams: Nothing but the night. Novella

dtv, Munich 2017
ISBN 9783423281294, hardcover, 160 pages, 18.00 EUR
From the American by Bernhard Robben. The life of the young Arthur Maxley seems to be dominated by idleness and an unresolved trauma from childhood. One evening, one night, follow ...

John Williams: Augustus. novel

dtv, Munich 2016
ISBN 9783423280891, hardcover, 480 pages, 24.00 EUR
Translated from English by Bernhard Robben. Octavius ​​is nineteen, sensitive, eager to learn, and he wants to become a writer and scholar. But as Julius Caesar's great-nephew and adopted son, he falls after him ...

John Williams: Butcher's Crossing. novel

dtv, Munich 2015
ISBN 9783423280495, hardcover, 368 pages, 21.90 EUR
Translated from English by Bernhard Robben. It was around 1870 that Will Andrews turned his back on prospects for a brilliant career and Harvard. Inspired by Ralph W. Emerson's conception of nature, seeks ...

John Williams: Butcher's Crossing. (7 CDs)

The Audio Verlag (DAV), Berlin 2015
ISBN 9783862314911, CD, 24.99 EUR
Abridged version with Johann von Bülow. Running time: approx. 9 hours. Kansas, 1870: Student Will Andrews turns his back on Harvard to find happiness in the Wild West. He ends up in Butcher's Crossing, ...

John Williams: Stoner. novel

dtv, Munich 2013
ISBN 9783423280150, hardcover, 352 pages, 19.90 EUR
From the American by Bernhard Robben. John Williams tells the life of a man who, born the son of poor farmers, finally discovers his passion for literature and becomes a professor - ...