What does IIMA chaos look like

IMA Germany

Employee or worker

I think it's good about the employer

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I think it's bad about the employer

-poor leadership or completely concept-free
-poor leadership skills of superiors
- led by fear rather than by deserved respect
-no development opportunities to keep the employees small

Suggestions for improvement

too late


There are no real communication strategies. Power-related communication prevails. The causes in my opinion: Due to chaos, decisions must and are made and thrown overboard so often that one cannot even manage to communicate everything that is necessary. On the other hand, the NL and I / deputy are often so untalented that they know that they are actually not up to the job and therefore handle information "downwards" very carefully.

Work-life balance


Managerial behavior

The NL and I / deputies usually have little idea of ​​the work you are doing. They tend to form distant judgments without getting feedback from the employee. Without constant, active feedback, a very unrealistic picture of daily work performance and circumstances usually emerges. Unfortunately, the superiors tend to only see things for your opinion from the start, and regardless of what feedback comes from the employee, they take it in, but then ignore it for the most part or never give long-term feedback on how the points addressed are being worked on . Or if you cannot change things ad hoc or if you think that the change does not suit the company, which you then inform us about. Then it is better not to talk about it at all. It is not always like this, but applies to the majority of daily dealings. You can tell that your superiors are constantly being overwhelmed, your lack of self-reflection and the fear of admitting this.

working conditions

Extremely noisy working environment, which is due to the open-plan offices. Concentrated work is hardly possible.

Environmental / social awareness

What is social is what benefits the employer. Company values ​​were set up that always have only one message: You have to work this way and that. There you cannot see or read from it what an employee may have for "claims". You have to work, period! In terms of communication technology, it was an absolute disaster.

Career / further education

please forget!

Dealing with older colleagues