How realistic is the movie The Stigmata


2. The concept of identity and its theoretical formulations

The concept of identity outlines an object that is not only concerned with psychology and sociology, but also anthropology and philosophy and basically all sciences that deal with the essence of human beings. The theoretical and research framework within which the search for answers to questions about identity moves is correspondingly broad. The considerable mass of works that deal with the topic, which has become particularly popular in the last 15 years (in the catalog of the University Library of Bremen alone there are 849 entries under the keyword "Identity", in the Internet search engine "Google" there are even around) 193,000 hits) makes it difficult to give a balanced overview of the state of research. This undertaking is further complicated by the inconsistent definition of terms for this subject: terms such as self, self-concept, ego-identity, social, personal identity, etc. are often used for one and the same "thing" without sufficient distinction and with changing connotations. In my opinion, the background for this "colorful mix of theories" is that the phenomenon "identity" / "self" is examined from different perspectives without giving sufficient clarity about the underlying abstract meaning of the term.