Why are you so popular in school

Watch out: if you were born in these months, you are more popular

As part of a study, around 13,000 young people in Europe were asked about their “favorite students”. It was found that the degree of popularity is related to the birthday or, more precisely, to the month in which one was born.


This is what matters: age and month are crucial

Some time ago at the University of Groningen, a study was carried out to determine which students are the most popular and above all why. Around 13,000 teenagers between the ages of 14 and 15 according to their "favorites" from the class. Then the popularity was researched based on age. There were two options:

  1. Based on the month the school started
  2. Based on the average of their peers

The result: Older students are more popular than the younger ones within the same class. Above all, people who were born at the beginning of the school year stood out, so the Most popular in September and decreases over time until October is considered the least popular, according to the study.

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What to do to become more popular

If you are not one of the more popular months or the older age group, you don't have to worry about it. Popularity is individual and depends above all on the character and chemistry between you and your classmates or work colleagues. That's why you should always be friendly, for example, just ignore prejudices and if something bothers you, always stay constructive! It is also important that you stand by yourself, accept yourself for who you are and who you are don't try to copy others, because it is precisely the things that you do not have that make you unique! Just be yourself - that is the be-all and end-all 🥰