Why does my cat get fat quickly

Cat too fat: recognize and fight overweight

Most cats get a treat here and there in addition to their food. No problem as long as this small snack remains the exception. Because please consider: If the cat consumes only ten kilocalories more per day than it consumes, that will add up to 3650 kilocalories after one year. And they make up a whole pound of body fat! If you keep doing this, too much fat on the ribs can threaten the cat with serious illnesses.

When is the cat too fat?

When is a cat considered overweight? In general, the following rule of thumb applies:

  • 15 percent over ideal weight ► The cat is already slightly overweight
  • More than 30 percent over ideal weight ► Cat is obese!

Cat is overweight - which diseases are threatened?

Slightly overweight does not usually affect the health of the cat. However, being very overweight or even obese, also known as obesity, can lead to serious illnesses!

Possible diseases due to obesity:

Weight check: determine the ideal weight of the cat

The ideal weight of a cat is not easy to determine and also depends on its individual best form. Instead of the absolute body weight, it is therefore more advisable to inspect a cat's figure more closely for assessment. You can tell whether your cat is too thin or too fat - or, at best, ideal weight - by the following characteristics:

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Very thin

  • Ribs, vertebrae and pelvic bones are very visible with short hair
  • significant loss of muscle mass
  • Chest without a layer of fat


  • Ribs, vertebrae, pelvic bones visible
  • Waist clearly visible
  • Chest with a very thin layer of fat


  • Well proportioned
  • Ribs and vertebrae not visible, but clearly palpable
  • Waist visible
  • Chest with a thin layer of fat
  • little belly fat


  • Ribs and spine difficult to feel
  • Waist difficult to see
  • Chest, back, belly with a layer of fat


  • Ribs, backbone, chest and stomach with a very thick layer of fat
  • Abdominal circumference significantly enlarged

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If you are not sure what weight class your cat belongs to, the best thing to do is to let the vet assess it!

My cat is too fat - what to do?

If you have noticed that your cat is too fat, you need to change its diet carefully. Let yourself do this too be sure to get advice from the vet. If the cat loses too much weight too quickly, this can lead to metabolic disorders. Regular weight checks are therefore essential in the diet!

If you are slightly overweight

If your cat is slightly overweight, it is often enough if you have the Reduce treats and small bites in between or switch to lower-calorie snacks. Tip: Keep a food diary for several weeks by honestly listing each of your cat's meals and appetizers. You will soon see where your cat's little bacon rolls come from and where you can save calories.

In the case of significant overweight and obesity

If your cat is significantly overweight or even obese, a planned diet is essential. However, you should have your cat examined by the vet beforehand in order to identify possible diseases that your cat may already have. Following the examinations, your veterinarian will calculate how many calories your cat can receive and suggest an appropriate diet. But be careful: The cat must not lose weight too quickly. If she loses more than two percent body weight per week, there is a risk of a metabolic disorder.

Special diet food required!

If the overweight cat needs to lose weight, it usually makes sense to go to one special diet food to move. The big advantage of the pure reduction of food: Despite the reduced calories, the cat receives all the important nutrients and vital substances and is at the same time well saturated. A mere quantitative reduction of the usual food could lead to the cat remaining hungry and begging for food. That makes it very difficult to stick to the diet consistently.

Exercise supports weight loss!

Take plenty of time to play with your cat. Because exercise is the ideal support for your cat's healthy weight loss. So not only the fat deposits melt. At the same time, it prevents muscles from being broken down. We have put together some ideas for cat games for you. Anyone who deals with their kitty every day will soon find out that not only salmon and liver sausage, but time and attention are the most beautiful gifts you can give your cat!