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Gucci women's belt

Gucci belt: luxury accessory in a class of its own

If you want to wear a perfect outfit, you should be careful when it comes to accessories: Small details such as belts or jewelry are what make a good look. Of course, these accessories can really enhance a look - that's what makes them so important! We can also experience this again and again with the example of the Gucci belt: The accessories belong to the luxury class and have experienced a real boom in recent years. We'll tell you why and how the Gucci belts are particularly easy to recognize and what differences there are.

Gucci belts for women

The currently most popular Gucci belts for women are the models with the large and eye-catching GG logo. The belts, which are almost always made of high quality leather, are a statement in themselves. Whether light or dark leather, whether monochrome or colorful, whether subtle or elegant: there is a suitable Gucci belt for every taste. They are available in a very slim design, so that they can be wonderfully combined with fine dresses and light blouses that you would like to wear a little more waisted. The wider version is suitable for trousers, jeans or very loosely cut dresses. The logo often comes in its simple elegance, but the belt is also available for fans of somewhat more unusual looks: the logo is adorned with pearls or colored stones on some models and is an even bigger eye-catcher. The belts go perfectly with apparently simple looks with jeans and a white blouse and conjure up a very elegant look. The GG Supreme belts, on which you can find the GG logo in multiple versions on canvas, are also very popular. The inside of the belt is made of suede so that it sits comfortably and does not slip. The large GG buckle goes perfectly with the fabric of the belt.

Gucci belts for men

The selection of Gucci belts for men is also very large: The Monogram belts so popular with women are also available for men, also in many different sizes, widths and colors. In simple tones, they go very well with classic suits or slightly more relaxed chinos that you can wear in the office. In bright red or blue, the Gucci belts can also be perfectly combined with jeans and sneakers for casual looks in leisure time. The GG Supreme belt is also very popular with men and is often worn in the leisure sector. Here you are welcome to combine something braver and sometimes wear a t-shirt with a print. It gets a step wilder with belts that show animal elements as a clasp. For example a snake winding around the belt or a tiger's head. This type of Gucci belt should speak for itself - looks completely in black or white look very good with it.

More accessories from Gucci

In addition to belts, the Gucci world offers many more luxury accessories: Gucci sunglasses are among the most popular models in the luxury world. Here, too, the GG logo or the lion's head can be found very often. The sunglasses are a real eye-catcher on sunny days. Gucci scarves should also find a place in every wardrobe, the noble fabrics are real all-rounders and can be styled many times. For fans of sporty looks, there is no way around Gucci caps.

The importance of Gucci

Gucci has always been one of the most important fashion brands in the world, and the designs of the traditional Italian house set the pace. Sometimes classic and very elegant and sometimes very sophisticated and at the same time modern, Gucci creations have become an indispensable part of the fashion world. Details such as golden link chains, animal heads and figures, the legendary GG logo or other important patterns - not only connoisseurs recognize Gucci at first glance. Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci quickly became the favorite label of many glamorous stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie O. or Grace Kelly - for whom the legendary Flora pattern was developed. Dramatic evening gowns, fancy day dresses and lots of jewelry - that's how Gucci became famous. Today, designer Alessandro Michele is in charge of Gucci, he dusted the label and brought it to new fame with new and revived old patterns. At MYBESTBRANDS you will find clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and jewelry from Gucci.