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Exporting Google contacts: this is how it works

With the online service "Google Contacts", the search engine giant has been offering one for years free address book on the one hand as a web application under the domain on the other hand, it is integrated as an independent function in Google services such as the Gmail email client or the Google Workspace office collection. If you have a active Google account you can use the practical web service for saving contacts at any time - as soon as you have logged in and opened Google Contacts, you can create new contacts with just a few clicks and group them as you wish or view, change or delete existing entries.

Another extremely useful feature is the ability to export created entries to Google Contacts. That way, as in Gmail and the Google Workspace, you too can access the complete address book without the web application - no matter what device you use. In addition, the exported contact data can then be integrated into various Gmail alternatives such as Outlook or Thunderbird. The following sections explain exactly how to export your Google or Gmail contacts.

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Quick Start Guide: Here's How to Export Your Google Contacts

Exporting the data in the Google address book or personal Gmail contacts can be useful for a number of reasons: You can not only have the contact information as already mentioned afterwards transferred to other mail programs, but have one with the exported file at the same time fully functional backup of your address book ready. So if, for example, you lose access to your Google account or accidentally delete the record, you can restore the contacts at any time.

The quickest way to export data from Google Contacts is as follows:

  1. Go to the Google Contacts page and sign in with your personal Google account at the web service.
  2. If you want to export individual contacts, to mark First you can do this by left-clicking. If you want to export all Google contacts, this step is not necessary.
  3. Now press the button "Export", Which can be found in the left side menu.
  4. Specify whether you want to export the contacts as a Google or Outlook CSV file or alternatively as a vCard (for later integration into Apple applications) by clicking the appropriate Select option.
  5. Click again on "Export“.
  6. Choose "save file"And start the export of the Gmail contacts or the Google contacts address book via the" OK "button. The exported file can then be found in the standard download folder.

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Step by Step: How to Export Google Contacts Address Data (Web Version)

Now let's take a closer look at the Google contacts export. We'll also go into more detail about that different export formats and the targeted export of individual addresses a.

First of all, you have to go to Google Contacts and log into the web service with the corresponding Google account. In principle, you have two different options:

  1. You call the web service directly by using the Domain address in the address line of your browser type in and then log in with your Google account details.
  2. You log into your Google account in the usual way and start there using the "contacts", Which you can find under"All apps“(Button to the left of the profile picture) find the address book app.

Once you have called the web service, you decide whether you want to use the entire data status export from Google Contacts or only individual addresses want to save elsewhere. The second variant can be broken down into that you either select specificallywhich contacts you want to export, or only those contacts that are exported with a common label are provided.

Export all addresses completely from Google Contacts

The fastest way to export your Google or Gmail contacts is to export the complete address book. You do not have to make any preparations for this, but can go directly to the "ExportPress the “button in the left side menu of the Google Contacts web application. Then select the desired export format, whereby the following three options are available:

  • Google CSV: You should export your contacts as a Google CSV file if you want to use them again in Google Calendar or others at a later point in time Google services want to involve. Export the data for backup purposes, this format is also the best choice.
  • Outlook CSV: With the "Outlook CSV" you select the suitable export format for a later import of the data into the Microsoft e-mail client Outlook. The file can also be integrated into various other programs such as Thunderbird.
  • vCard: The vcf format, better known as vCard, is the standard typical contact format of Apple devices with macOS and iOS. This option is recommended if you want to export your Google contacts so that you can use them in the mail program of your iPhone or MacBook, for example.

When you have marked the export format you want, press "Export", Select in the window that pops up"save file"And click on"OK". You will then find the exported file in the standard download directory of your device.

Export selected Google contacts

If you do not want to export your entire contact data, but only individual Google contacts, there is an additional step involved: Before you start the process, you must mark the address entries in question by clicking on Check the respective checkbox:

If the Google or Gmail contacts are selected for the export, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the "Export“In the left side menu.
  2. Keep the option "Selected contacts“Which is not grayed out in this case.
  3. Select the desired export format and finally press "Export“.

If you use the Labels sorted into different groups, you can also use the export function to export one of these Groups of contacts save in an external file. To do this, simply select the appropriate label in the export window before you press “Export”.

Export Google contacts with the Android app

The instructions provided explain how to export your Google contacts using the browser application. But as a user of the Contacts app for Android the option of saving your archived address information in a separate file in the download folder of your smartphone or tablet. The steps required for this are as follows:

  1. Start the Contacts app on your device.
  2. Press the hamburger menu icon (three horizontal lines).
  3. Tap the button "Settings" at.
  4. Press "Export"And select the desired storage location (by default:" Downloads "folder).
  5. Close the process with "to save“From.

In the Google Contacts app for Android, you only have the option to save the contacts as vCard (.vcf file) to export.

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