You can mix synthetic oils

Mixing engine oils - what to consider

Today's engines require special engine oil in order to be able to lubricate the engine efficiently.
In principle, you can mix engine oils without hesitation, regardless of whether they are synthetic or mineral oils. But make sure that the respective oil for your car is approved by the manufacturer. We explain to you which engine oils you can top up without problems and which points you should pay attention to.

Engine oils mix with the same engine types

Engine oils can generally be mixed with the same engine type (Otto or diesel engine). However, you should pay attention to the manufacturer's prescribed approvals. If an oil with a different approval than specified is topped up, this can lead to engine damage.

Can I mix 5W30 and 5W40 oils?

The viscosity indicates the flowability of oils under different temperature ranges. The engine is precisely matched to these specifications. By mixing the engine oil with different viscosity classes, you run the risk that the corresponding pressure in the valves and hoses will not be reached. To be on the safe side, you should always observe the specified approvals for your car and top up with an engine oil with the same viscosity.

Mixing synthetic and mineral oils

Note that mixing synthetic and mineral oils may change the way the additives in the oil work and this can have a negative impact on the performance of your car. Motor oils with the same API specification have the same characteristics and can be mixed without any problems.

Can I mix 2-stroke engine oils?

Mixing 2-stroke oils is possible without any problems. The products are manufactured by the manufacturers in such a way that the engine oils can be mixed with one another. We recommend the excellent 1189 Liqui Moly 2-stroke oil or, as an inexpensive alternative, the MN7205-4 Mannol 2-stroke motorcycle oil.

What is the quality of blended oils?

The quality of mixed motor oils is very good as long as the specifications and approvals for your vehicle are adhered to. Manufacturers use different components and compositions for their engine oils, but these do not form compounds that would damage the engine. In our shop at F├╝rst-Autoteile you will find high-quality oils such as the 3701 Liqui Moly Top Tec 4100 5W-40 and for diesel vehicles our MN7909-5 Mannol Diesel TDI 5W-30.

Conclusion: Just follow the specifications and mix the oil

Note the releases of both oils that you want to mix and compare them with each other. The viscosity should also match the new engine oil in order to prevent possible problems. The information on viscosity and approval can be found in the operating instructions for your car or in the service booklet. If you observe these points, everything will run like clockwork the next time you top up the engine oil.

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