Why does your computer keep freezing?

Windows Windows 10 freezes - you can do that


Windows 10 likes to have one or two errors. Most of the time these aren't that bad. But when the whole system freezes, an annoying bug becomes a much bigger problem. We'll show you what to do when Windows 10 just doesn't do anything anymore.

Note: Before you dive deeper into troubleshooting, follow one simple tip: try one first complete restart of the computer. Sometimes problems with Windows 10 are automatically fixed afterwards. The freeze may have been triggered by a startup error.

System software error

If Windows not on the current one This can lead to the system freezing. However, the latest can also be used Windows updates buggy be. If you find that Windows 10 only freezes regularly after an update, an error has crept into the current update. You should then uninstall. In another post we will show you how to uninstall the Windows 10 update. You should wait for an optimized version until you reinstall the update. You should possibly switch off automatic updates for this period. Here we are going to show you how to turn off automatic updates.
You can also try Reset Windows. You can read here how to reset Windows. You can also try the system from one external medium reinstall - for example from a boot stick. Here's how to create a boot stick.

Compatibility problems with certain programs

Windows may freeze whenever a certain program open is. You should find out if it really is because of that specific program. If so, you should determine why this program is causing problems. This can be done on a faulty compatibility lie. Some programs that worked well in Windows XP or 7 can cause errors in Windows 10.
If there is no update for the program, use the WindowsCompatibility mode. You can reach this by right-clicking on the program icon and then "Troubleshoot compatibility issues" choose.

Obsolete programs

In addition to compatibility problems, programs can also simply outdated be. That means they would actually be with the current Windows version compatible, but are not up to date. So you should all programs up-to-date hold.
Also the matching driver should be updated regularly. This includes not only BIOS updates and graphics and sound drivers, but also the software of USB devices such as mouse, keyboard or printer. You should also get your Anti virus program keep up to date. Some computer viruses are programmed to paralyze the victim's computer.

Too many background processes

If on your computer too many processes at the same time run, problems can arise. In the first moment this may not even be noticedbecause these processes are not visible as actually open programs. They just eat up a lot of memory in the background. Such background processes can also be computer viruses. You should therefore always pay attention to which processes are running in the background.
The best way to do this is through the Task manager. Press the keyboard shortcut to open it [Old] + [Ctrl] + [Del] and then click on "Task manager". In the tab"Processes" become all active processes displayed. You may need to click on "show more"Click here for more tips on how to make Windows 10 faster.

Hardware problems


In particular one faulty cooling of the computer can cause problems. You should therefore open your computer regularly. Remove the dust in it and check the cable connections. You should also determine whether your cooling system is still working properly: Is the water cooling leakproof? Is the air cooling rotor turning? Faulty cooling leads to Other hardware overheating. This is best known when your computer is literally overheating.

Also can Damage to sensitive components cause problems with Windows 10. For example, this could be a problem with the hard disk - especially with the one on which Windows is installed.

More tips

Another option is to use the event log to troubleshoot. This log records the startup of the operating system, dysfunctional devices, and software errors. If no method has worked so far, you can also contact Microsoft. The Support may be able to help you - if necessary by issuing a new Windows 10 license key within the warranty period. As a last resort against a Windows 10 freezing over and over again, you can also try your set up the whole computer again.