What are different formats of seminars

Our digital formats: blended learning, web seminars and e-training

Blended learning

In blended learning, we combine digital phases with on-site phases. The duration and placement of the phases can vary depending on the topic and depends on the respective didactic goal.

Blended learning can be individually designed for both of the following methodical online forms according to customer requirements.

For the self-study phases, additional learning programs with specific content can be booked on request.

Web seminars

Web seminars are our short digital formats that pursue different goals. A web seminar usually lasts 90 minutes (with appropriate breaks also 2 × 90 minutes).

Web seminars are suitable, for example

  • as a first entry into digital learning
  • as a quick "update" on limited legal and other subject areas
  • as an information event in advance and a brief outline of a bookable face-to-face seminar
  • as preparation for a booked classroom seminar, e.g. B. compress in time
  • as a follow-up to a seminar you have attended, e.g. B. to ensure the transfer of what has been learned

You can find an overview of our offers under the heading web seminars.


Our e-trainings are more complex and comparable to a face-to-face seminar. The focus here is on conveying comprehensive content in a closed manner.

In e-training, various and complementary methodical paths are used as part of a one-day event, e.g. B. via input and activation phases, via the use of media and, if necessary, group work, a seminar topic is worked out online.

Seminars on the screen involve specific forms of stress (high concentration and focus). This is why e-training lasts a maximum of five hours a day.

Our e-trainings are systematically "broken up" again and again: through activation, individual and group work, through breaks, analyzes and transfer. This should ensure the long-term learning effect.

In the case of extensive topics, there may be staggered modular series of e-trainings that complement each other in terms of content and build on one another.

In our e-trainings there is significantly more exchange between the participants and contact with the lecturers than in the shorter web seminars. Appropriate tools (whiteboards, chats, etc.) are available on the platform we use.

When implementing our digital learnig offers, the customer's request comes first for us. Describe to us what suits your home best! We will find a suitable solution.

You can find an overview of our e-trainings in the e-trainings section.

Our didactic approach

We provide you with a pdf file for download here with the detailed concept of our didactic and methodical approach:

Didactics and methodology in adult education - guidelines and handouts for e-training (pdf, 302 KB)

Technical requirements

For the implementation, our customers need a digital device (PC, laptop, smartphone) with a camera, loudspeaker and microphone for each participant.

We primarily offer the forms of learning via Zoom or Adobe Connect - in a virtual seminar room of the dbb academy.

The installation must be barrier-free, which means: Firewalls or routers must not block port 1935 (RTMP). This can be clarified in advance by the respective IT department and, if necessary, made possible.

Would you like to work with a platform that you are already actively using?

Just ask, we will comply with your request as far as possible.

Contact persons for in-house or group bookings