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# 006 Why trying to change others is bullshit

Let's be honest: our colleagues, friends, family members ... They can all be quite exhausting and annoying. After only four months in the company, the young colleague asks for a sabbatical, and during the probationary period he clashes with the experienced employees who often cannot understand his approach and what many “want to understand”. Work from home on Fridays? Where can I get that? Especially if someone has only been with the company for four months! Share presentation suggestions in a Whatsapp group?

What bullshit!

In the new world of work, worlds collide again and again ... So how nice would it be if the world ticked the way we imagine it to be? How nice would it be if our fellow human beings behaved as we deem appropriate and sensible? That would be a dream or not? If the others would change just for us ... Stop! Why exactly this dream is unfair and intolerant, that's what this episode is about! Because if you finally stop wanting to change others and instead become curious about their view of life and sensitive to their potential, you will experience an enriching togetherness, satisfaction and - in a work context - mutual success.

That's what this podcast episode is about.


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